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    New York Owner of Ice-Encased Audi A3 Tells His Tale

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    Remember ice-encased Audi A3 making like Han Solo Empire Strikes Back Edition while its owner watched the NY Jets lose the playoffs? Seems the story of Peter Helfer, or rather his unfortunate Audi, made the rounds of the news cycle world wide back in January.... from the NBC nightly news to every car blog this side of Siberia.

    At the time Manhattan native Peter Helfer stayed below the radar, not allowing film crews to show his face on screen and unwilling to give his full name. Apparently Helfer changed his mind when the local Manhasset Infiniti dealership offered him a free new G37x, likely in an effort to catch a few more headlines for Infiniti. Of course, this came along with Helfer divulging his name and all the icy details which've been reported over on Jalopnik.

    Want to know more about Peter's icy Audi experience or hear how much it cost to fix? Read it all at Jalopnik after the jump.

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