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    Teaser Image Released of Gumpert Tornante, Power by Audi, Design by Touring Superleggera

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    Back in January we posted news that Gumpert would team with Italian carrozzeria Touring Superleggera in the design of its second model to be dubbed Tornante. At the time the news didn't include anything in the way of pics but the niche German supercar manufacturer has now released its first teaser drawing of the car.

    Up until now, Gumpert has left an interesting mark in the world of hyper exotic sportscars. The car is powered by a (biturbo) version of Audi's 4.2 but unlike similar niche manufacturers like Spyker where the car itself as meant as a work of art, the Gumpert is all about hardcore performance.

    Its first and up-until-now only product the Apollo has a face only a mother would love and rather than diamond stitched leather and machined alloys like the Spykers, the Gumpert has a racing seat moulded into the carbon tub secifically for its owner... also likely with stitched artwork worthy of a biker jacket. Overly tasteful the Apollo was not but she could round the Nurburgring at a pace that could blow the doors off the Spyker... maybe even the Spykers 24 Hours of Le Mans GT2 car. The Apollo is crazy fast.

    So someone to do if they lust for a car with the performance chops of an Apollo, yet also more sumptuous styling as is often the practice in the land of exotics? Look no further. By teaming Touring Superleggera it would seem the Gumpert will now have the looks to finish the package. The image above certainly peaks our curiosity.

    Look for Geneva Auto Show coverage beginning in about a week and a half including a full Audi-focused wrapup on the site shortly thereafter that will include the Tornante and any other news from the Audi-powered Gumpert lineup. For now, here's a reprint on that January press release.

    TOURING SUPERLEGGERA was commissioned by GUMPERT to design their upcoming new model, a 2-seater Fast Tourer based on a new central engine chassis and V8-powered driveline. After setting new benchmarks for driving dynamics of street legal cars with the apollo, GUMPERT requested the Milanese designer to add space, elegance and comfort to their typical sheer performance attitude. The result is a blend of very Italian sporty elegance and German high-end engineering.

    The GUMPERT TORNANTE by TOURING opens a new class of automobiles born for the extremely dynamic and fast voyage, the Fast Tourers. The Tornante features the original Superleggera construction principle: composite body panels on a space frame with carbon fiber monocoque. The car will be unveiled on March 1st 2011 at the Geneva Motor Show.
    Also check out our 2011 Geneva Motor Show photo gallery that's already begun to be populated with pre-show PR photos.

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