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    New Snowpocalypse Themed Commercial Starring R8 from Audi of America Emphasizes Benefits of quattro

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    I got an email a few weeks ago from a source at Audi looking for footage of an Audi, preferably an R8, in the snow. The only thing like that I could think of was the the video review Ezra Dyer had done about the R8 V10 for the New York times. Turns out Audi had already zeroed in on that one as well.

    In the Dyer piece he makes an emergency run to Bed Bath & Beyond for Dog Antlers though the whole pet bit seems to have been clipped but the excellent shot of the R8 blasting through a plow bank remains as AoA's marketing arm spins out its latest wintertastic TV spot because we know there'll be at least one more big run of white fluffy stuff before the season is over. Watch the commercial and the Ezra Dyer NY Times piece below.