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    The Bachelorette Drives a Black Audi Cabriolet

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    Apparently ABC's latest Bachelorette drives a black Audi cabriolet... at least in the show and perhaps in real life. Yeah, we missed it, but our news search this morning caught a piece on the National Ledger website pointed out the product placement that isn't product placement apparently.

    According to the ledger it's a "black Audi convertible" but since we didn't see it we're not sure if it's a Cabriolet or A4 (more believable for an apparently unemployed San Franciscan) or a new A5 that was likely placed by producers. Either way, apparently Audi wasn't on board for product placement because the four rings were blurred according to the snarky ledger report. Here's a quote.

    She drives her black convertible through a tunnel and we are reminded that Audi decided to pay nothing in the way of a fee for product placement considering the logo and license plate are covered up. I can hear the conversation now.


    "Uh, hello, is this the chairman of Audi? Yes? Great, listen we'd like to use your car in some fake driving down the PCH scenes for our reality show. Are you guys on board?"

    I'm sure the response was however you say "no fu**ing way" in German.
    Funny stuff. If you watched the show and know which Audi she drives drop us a line. Read the rest of the Ledger story (kind of a bore unless you're into the show) after the jump.

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    1. iTech's Avatar
      I unfortunately was forced to watch the show (wife). It was a Black TT and yes the 4 rings where blurred, so this in fact may be her car.
    2. 05GLI's Avatar
      dang she's hot! I'll take her and her convertible Audi.
    3. BadShocker's Avatar
      I too watched it with my wife. She is hot, it was a TT, and the rings were blurred.
    4. George@Fourtitude's Avatar
      Haha, it's only a matter of time before I get pulled into it too. Hopefully there'll be more TT sightings.