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    Lightweight TechDay Video Recap from Audi TV Shows Even More of "The Beast"

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    Last week we published a story about a lightweight 2.5T-powered A5 coupe that was a drivetrain mule for the Audi quattro Concept. Dubbed "The Beast" by its quattro GmbH creators, we'd had a chance to drive the car and report back on the experience in a 2-part series.

    Though we devoted plenty of ink (err... pixels) to "The Beast", that car wasn't the only focus of the Lightweight TechDay Audi hosted, nor was it the only car there for test drive. In as much we have more from the trip we plan to print over the next few weeks but in the meantime Audi TV has run a video recapping the TechDay as a whole, including more footage of the beast. Watch below.

    Watch Here.