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    Did You Think Sebring TV & Radio Coverage Blew Like a Peugeot Engine at Le Mans? So Did DailySportscar.

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    While on the ground at the 12 Hours of Sebring I managed to attend an autograph session at the Audi Turn 1 Club where Audi fans got a chance to meet all of the Audi drivers and get posters, model cars or extremities signed by Audi's six R15 pilots. The event was hosted by John Hindhaugh of Radio Le Mans (and Truth in 24) fame and I used the opportunity to check in with the man.

    What came up was surprising. Hindhaugh clued me in to the unfortunate reality that Radio Le Mans had not been renewed with the ALMS. Though he'd be calling the race for ESPN3 for the ALMS, we both were dumbfounded about the fact that the door had been shut on the Radio Le Mans crew. Not surprisingly, it turns out we weren't alone.

    Of course the fans weren't happy. Other than a highlights reel run a day later on ABC, most ALMS and ILMC fans in America (and Europe as it turns out) were left in the dark and in radio silence. Having watched the ABC highlight coverage on my DVR since I've returned, I've been thinking about penning some sort critique of the whole situation though I wasn't properly educated on all of the facets and didn't had the time to really delve into it. Then I ran across Graham Goodwin's piece on DailySportscar.com (DSC).

    The editorial on DSC isn't a short one, but then this matter is not so easily described. Nevertheless, Goodwin covers the situation quite thoroughly... from the problems with the ILMC's own TV rights deal to the ALMS's situation. Seems that in an effort to go beyond the usual audience the unfortunate result was to not even have readily available coverage for the core.

    If you're at all interested or concerned about the situation, I highly, highly recomend clicking through to Graham Goodwin's piece on DSC. Read it after the jump.

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