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    Audi Driver: Jason Statham Drives an Audi A8... As If You Didn't Know.

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    Hey, you know that actor Jason Statham? Turns out he drives an Audi A8. I know... surprising, right?

    It's fair to say that Jason Statham has had his fair share of association with Audi. There were the two guilty pleasure Transporter movies (2 and 3 to be specific, because he drives a Bimmer in 1). There was the Audi chase commercial where Statham rocked a then-new supercharged A6. And then there was Truth in 24, which Statham narrated.

    Then there's the fact that Jason isn't new to our 'Audi Driver' feature. The actor has been spotted doing action roll-ups in his S8 at Hollywood Seven-Elevens for a pack of cigarettes. Yes, Jason is a friend of Audi. So, we're not too surprised that Mr. Statham has traded his D3 S8 for an all-new D4 A8. The actor was spotted with girlfriend Rosie Huntingon-Whitely by CelebrityCarsblog hopping in his new ride outside of a Los Angeles furniture store.

    Check out the pics and the story after the jump.

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