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    Audi News Blog

    Fourtitude Plans #INTEL Series to Highlight Upcoming Rumored & Confirmed Models from Audi

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    Regular readers of this website are undoubtedly familiar with what we mean when we use the word "intel". On this site we strive our best to not only know as much as we can about future Audi product via our many friends and contacts within Audi, but also be able to spot false rumors or identify reliable sources in the press. Knowing this intel is one of the "Unfair Advantages" we boast to bestow on our readers. In that vein, we'll be running several news & rumor stories this week in an #intel series that will pass along information we've found or heard directly and illustrate these rumors with renders created by our staff (like the Ipanema Brown RS 4 Avant above) to help show you what we expect. Expect our first story shortly. For now, here are several intel reports we've run in the last few months just in case you missed them as well as a link to our Audi News Blog Rumors, Renders and Spy Photos Section.

    Audi News Blog - Rumors, Renders & Spy Photos

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