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    #INTEL - Facelifted A5 Sportback Test Mule Spied on the Autobahn

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    Product improvements (internally referred to as PIs) of both the A4 and A5 as well as subsequent S and RS variants are due to begin rolling out as early as late this year so we're not surprised to see early prototypes sporting some of the changes appearing out and about. The first car we'd spotted was at the Nurburgring a few weeks ago and was likely an RS 4 . Now this week a set of photos of a camouflaged A5 Sportback have been posted over on World Car Fans.

    Though wrapped with the typical psychedelic black and white vinyl so typical of a mule, details of the car can still be clearly spotted, including a new A6-inspired headlight that seems to replace the more rectangular setup found on the current car.

    The A5 Sportback was introduced at Audi's 100th Anniversary bash back in 2009 though it was the last of the A5 family to be revealed and it was a late intro at that.

    WorldCarFans says the A5 family with PI will drop at Frankfurt in September. While possible, Audi has plenty of shows between now and the car's production debut in order to share it and it's also got plenty of new models (S6, S8, S7, A3, etc.) it must also reveal. None of our sources were willing to suggest so matter-of-factly a specific show for the car's reveal. As such, we'll take WCF's note with a grain of salt. Still, the report is well worth reading and it's also got a bunch of shots of the car from various angles including the rear.

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