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    Rendered: Production e-tron or e-R8 by Designer Nuno Silva

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    We found a collection of renderings over at by Portuguese artist Nuno Silva. Effectively Silva imagineered what a production e-tron might look like by adding more production believable components such as wheels, grille and rearview mirrors to e-tron imagery.

    So what do we think?
    The images are purely from Silva's imagination but we appreciate his clean take on the transformation, applying changes conservatively and consistently with Audi design. Wheels are lifted from the R8 V12 TDI design study (now production for R8 GT).

    Audi development chief Michael Dick says a production e-tron will be on sale by sometime in 2011 and we wouldn't be surprised if it weren't too far from these renderings. Granted, it likely won't take the 'e-R8' name applied by Silva and we suspect it will wear solely the 'e-tron' name just as the first quattro wore just that name. Would that make this the an 'Ur e-tron'? Likely so.

    Check out more renders by Silva over at after the jump.

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