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    Video: 503 bhp Audi A1 clubsport quattro Is Cool and All, But How Does It Sound?

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    There's a lot to love about the 5-cylinder TFSI Audi A1 clubsport quattro. We can think of at least 504 reasons. 503 of those might just be the 503 horses residing under the car's hood and at least one more is the cool A4 DTM-inspired side exit exhaust that may not be good for long-term paint maintenance aft the outlets but who cares... it's a concept.

    So we're betting, if you're anything like us that you're wondering just how it sounds. Fortunately, a video of it revving away on the Audi stand at Worthersee has been posted on YouTube. Watch below and read more about the A1 clubsport quattro Concept HERE.


    1. NiceOne06's Avatar
      I find the tone a bit like the Quattro S1 ! Sounds really good !