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    Video: Remarkable Footage of Pair of Audi A4s Used as Getaway in Armored Car Heist

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    It's been a while since our last Audi as Getaway Car post but we've found plenty reason to restart the series today with this remarkable footage of two B7 A4s used in a heist near Marseilles France. According to reports the cars were stolen and used by a crew of ten armed gunmen to steal 2.1M Euros from a Loomis Cash Transit that also appears on camera and in flames. The crew would later set fire to the two Audis as well once they were done with them.

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    Read more about the heist below. Thanks chucchinchilla for the tip.

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    2. petethepug's Avatar
      It says it's a private video now. Try this link:

      That armored truck looks like a rented moving van from Stateside I hope there's a real armored truck behind the truck that's burning