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    Any Questions for Audi Sport Driver Allan McNish? We'll Be Chatting with Him Friday Afternoon.

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    The 24 Hours of Le Mans is quickly approaching. We've been readying ourselves, picking up last minute gear and making last minute plans as our flight departs Saturday. While we expect to chat with the entire squad of Audi drivers Monday afternoon (French time) at the team scrutineering session we've just learned we'll be chatting with Allan McNish tomorrow afternoon.

    Of course we have a few questions of our own that we can think of but we figured we'd knock the ball into our readers' court and put it to you on here, in our forums, via Facebook and Twitter. If you have something you'd like us to ask then drop us a note. We'll do our best to inquire with Audi's flying Scot during the conversation.


    1. Alkivar's Avatar
      1) what does he drive when not racing?
      2) favorite currently built Audi model?
      3) favorite classic Audi model?
      4) favorite car from a competitor? and why does he like it?