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    Barn Find of the Day: 1984 4000S quattro from Michigan

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    If you're a regular reader then you know those of us in the Fourtitude offices have a soft spot for the older "small" bumper 4000S quattro. Built just one year in the USA with quattro and the original Giugiaro design still intact (i.e. pre-facelift), the 4000 quattro is an oddity that flies under the radar while the iconic ur-quattro gets all the notoriety.

    Back in its day, the '84 4000S quattro was nowhere near as expensive as its turbocharged coupe stablemate, which meant it sold in much, much higher numbers. Given their rarity today though, you may not have guessed this. You see, the 4000 wasn't considered a collector car like the box-flared ur-quattro and as such they were driven long and hard, and put away wet. Many rusted and many succumbed to the wear and tear of high mileage. Few super clean examples remain today. As such when we see one that stands out, we're quick to point them out.

    Case in point is this black example found in Saginaw, MI and listed for sale on Craigslist. The car began to experience some fueling issues and was put away in a barn. There it sat, preserved and un-rusting until its most recent owner picked it up (along with a parts car... not a bad add-on since most parts are obsolete).

    Near as we can tell, the car is in surprisingly good shape minus some rock chips at the front. They say it's got no rust, and though they haven't gotten the fuelling issues completely fixed, they did clean out the gas tank and got it running. With only 131,000 on the odo,, we find the $3,000 or best offer price to be most fair indeed. Check out more details after the jumps.

    Craigslist Listing

    High-res Photos

    Video and Shots of the Parts Car