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    Audio Interview: Q&A with Allan McNish Before Le Mans

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    Our flight leaves for France tomorrow as we head into Le Mans race week but before we leave we wanted to share a quick phone interview we had with Allan McNish yesterday. You may recall that we threw it out to our readers to come up with some questions and we had time to ask most, including inquiry of his daily driver, take on the agility of the R15 plus versus last year's car and even about a certain British biscuit (Thanks Howden!).

    When we were done with that we also asked about TK's injury while putting the "Bad" in the most dangerous sport of badminton and Dindo's addiction to Farmville. And BTW, Allan confirms he'll be doing more of those behind the scenes vids for AutoSport while at Le Mans and that he's learned to use the focus function. Awesome. We'll be seeing Allan and the boys next at scrutineering on Monday so more to come.

    For now, listen to the full interview below.

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