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    Audi of America CMO Scott Keogh a "Brand Genius" Says AdWeek

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    AdWeek Magazine is highlighting a group of ten marketing executives it's dubbed "Brand Genius" in a series of profiles this week. Today's focus is none other than Audi of America CMO Scott Keogh. Of course, most Audi enthusiasts are likely already aware of of Keogh's impressive run at Audi. Though perhaps unknown amongst the brand loyal when he made the jump from Mercedes' Smart division to Audi back in 2006, Keogh made a rather impressive splash when he contracted NFL films to skip the usual football docudramas and take up a racing film we all know as 'Truth in 24'. Since then, a series of catchy Super Bowl ads, multimedia efforts like iPad and iPhone apps, cool product placement in movies like 'Iron Man' and television series like 'Modern Family' have made sure the reverberation of that splash has been more tsunami and less ripple. Given the momentum Keogh and his team have been able to maintain for Audi, it's perhaps not a surprise that he's well-loved around sites like Fourtitude, though nice to see the recognition goes much wider than the traditional enthusiast base though. The AdWeek piece certainly exemplifies this.

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