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    Audi S8 Voted 'Most Coveted' by Car Thieves Says NHTSA Study

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    The American National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has just released a study tracking theft rates of model year 2009 automobiles in 2009 and the Audi S8 gets an honorable mention. While there's no danger such a rare car as the S8 will be out-stolen by mass market car thief favorites such as the Toyota Camry, the S8 does boast the highest percentage of stolen cars with 8.81 thefts per 1000 vehicles.

    We always knew the S8 was highly coveted by Audi owners but didn't know it was also the same for car thieves. And while Audi has laden the car with a fair share of theft deterrents, thieves will always find a way. Were we an S8 owner in a major metropolitan market, we'd be seriously considering installing a LoJack or the like upon such news.

    Want to see how the rest of the automotive market stacked up? Check out a more detailed summary over at the Detroit News after the jump.

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