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    Audio: The Truth in 24 Interviews

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    Back in October, Audi UK hosted a showing of Truth in 24 at the Audi quattro rooms in London, an event not to be missed with celebrity guests that included drivers Tom Kristensen and Allan McNish, as well as engineers Leena Gade and Howden Haynes. On hand at the event was Radio Le Mans' John Hindhaugh who interviewed each of the four and a few more in the lead up and post viewing event.

    Howden Haynes shared audio of the event with us and we've linked it below. If you're a big fan of Truth in 24 and want to know more of the story that wasn't told, these interviews offer some great background from some of they key "characters" in the film. We've included a link to the interviews below, as well as a link to a Truth in 24: The Back Story" feature that we ran following the film's launch in 2009. While the interviews from Howden and his teammates show their own impressions from the experience of filming, the other story we published tells it more from the vantage point of Audi of America and NFL films.

    We're guessing today is a slow and unproductive work day for those of us unlucky enough to be stuck in the office, so we offer these two links as a great way to spend the next 60 minutes or so. Enjoy.

    Audio: John Hindhaugh Interviews Tom Kristensen, Allan McNish, Leena Gade and Howden Haynes at London Truth in 24 Showing

    Feature: Truth in 24 Backstory - The Making of Audi's Block-Busting Le Mans Documentary