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    Video: Test Audi A3 TDI Fuel Efficiency with L.A. to Grand Canyon Run

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    The guys over at have released one of their latest episodes whereby they test the fuel efficiency of the A3 TDI. The guys surmise that the range of the A3 is just short of the distance to the Grand Canyon from Los Angeles and they aim to make the run without a refill. It's not an overly scientific experiment but it is entertaining.

    Spoiler Alert: They make it, and that's when our only complaint comes in. Sitting on the rim of the Grand Canyon and with 5 mi. indicated on the car's MFA they pull out the 'Can of Shame' in order to make it back to a gas station. Who knows how close a fuel station may have been but we've seen first hand that an Audi will keep going even when zero is indicated. The 'Can of Shame' makes for further entertainment but the A3 may not have needed it.

    Thanks QuattroWorld for the tip.

    Watch below.

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