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    Auto Motor und Sport Audi Intel: R4, A2, A1, S1, Next-Gen TT

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    Our buddies over at GermanCarBlog have translated and summarized the latest Audi intel to be published by German car magazine Auto Motor und Sport. A M und S is usually pretty accurate so we read it with interest. Here's a quick rundown.

    Audi R4
    - Arrives (Europe at least) in 2014
    - Coupe and Roadster
    - Positioned BELOW TT
    - Engines Include 1.4 TFSI and 2.0 TDI
    - Navigation programmable from iPhone

    Audi A2
    - electric e-tron version comes first
    - A1 style multimedia solutions
    - navigation system on par with A8 (Google?)

    Audi A1 and S1
    - no e-tron planned
    - hybrid planned
    - Sportback and Cabriolets planned
    - S1 planned

    TT (third generation)
    coming 2014



    1. Tim@VMG's Avatar
      Interesting if they really do end up positioning the R4 below the TT. I wonder if that indicates a move up a bit for the TT, or if the R4 will really be much more basic than most people were thinking before.
    2. George@Fourtitude's Avatar
      My gut says that is to leave room. Wolfgang Egger pointed out to me that the Detroit e-tron is essentially the same footprint as a Polo. It'd be hard to produce that 'above TT'. AND, Michael Dick has regularly pointed out that the "R8 needs a little brother" and that "there's room between TT and R8 (for such a car)". My guess is that this thing gets renamed R3 by the time it comes to market. That it's an evolution of MQB (basically a mid-engine version of the transverse architecture) this or R1 since A1 will go to MQB in second gen makes most sense within the naming structure. R4 or any number above up to 8 should likely be reserved for a mid-engine longitudinal setup and the next-gen Boxster/Cayman have yet to be defined. You see where I'm going with this....