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    06-21-2017 02:47 PM
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    About dontcrossme
    Central NJ
    Year/Make/Model Car Owned:
    2001 JTI 1.8T, 2001 Jetta Wolfsburg 1.8T, 1994 Chevy S-10 Blazer 4x4, 2006 Pontiac Vibe Base
    Original Mileage 129500
    129900 Installed VDO Boost Guage and Mount Kit
    130000 Replaced OEM Breather hoses
    034 MotorSports Breather Kit and PCV Valve
    130000 Replaced some 3mm and 4mm Vacume Hoses and clamps
    130000 Replaced OEM Suction Jet Pump and hoses (under intake mani)
    130000 Replaced OEM Oil Sender Unit and resoldered wires
    131400 Replaced Coil Pack
    ECSTuning Hitatchi Rev E coils
    131400 Replaced Spark Plugs
    Stock NGK PFR6Q (note tested bk7 coper and plat both fail cause missfires)
    131600 Replaced Diverter valve
    NOT INSTALLED Forge 007 ver2 with Green Spring
    710N AudiTT 225 Valve
    131700 Upgraded to Stage2 Tune
    Gonzo Tuning Stage2 Tune (235hp/250Tq @ 22psi)
    Includes rear 02 CEL Delete
    131750 Replaced Turbo Inlet Pipe
    Samco Blue TIP (plugged awp port)
    Hose Clamp installed at turbo with this TIP
    131800 Installed Manual Boost Controller overboost kit (limits boost to 18psi)
    Surges over 18psi and overboosts without it
    132500 Replaced Stock Intercooler
    TacoTaco Large Solid Side Mount Intercooler (why pay more)
    132500 Replaced Large Map Sensor with Small Map Sensor for new SMIC
    132900 Replaced Dump Pipe and Pancake Pipe
    OEM Dump Pipe Modified with 2.75"to2.5"Reducer Coupler
    AfterMarket Straight 2.5" pancake Pipe
    Installed all T-Clamp Hose Clamps
    133000 Installed Rear Wheel Spacers
    ECSTuning 15mm with Ball Seat Bolts (STOCK WHEELS ONLY)
    134300 Replaced OEM Center Console
    ECSTuning Center Console with cup holders
    135300 Replaced Power Heated Mirrors
    OEM Used Painted Power Heated Mirrors
    136200 Installed Front Wheel Spacers
    ECSTuning 10mm With Ball Seat Bolts (STOCK WHEELS ONLY)
    136200 Installed Suspension Refresh Kit
    OEM control arm bushings
    OEM Control Arm Hardware
    OEM Outer Tie Rod Ends
    OEM Lower Balljoints (with hardware)
    OEM Upper Strut Mounts
    OEM Upper Strut Bearing
    OEM Stretch Bolts and nuts
    136200 Replaced Shocks/Struts
    Raceland Ultimos Coilovers
    136200 Replaced Fuel Filter
    OEM VW Fuel Filter
    141820 replace alternator
    Aftermarket Premium 120 amp alternator NAPA
    147504 Gonzo Tune Stage2 Ecu will not pass inspection (Fuel System wont go ready shows NA)
    bought Stock Ecu and use VCDS to swap for inspection
    Installed DD42 O2Spacer in Downpipe to pass readyness with stock ecu
    150310 Installed Eibach Front 22mm and rear 25mm Sway bars
    Replaced Subframe Bolts
    Replaced Endlinks (Stock)
    Replaced SwayBar Clamps (Front Stock)
    156774 Replaced Antenna
    Installed Euroswitch
    157235 Installed EuroImage 1" Motor Mount Spacer
    Timing Belt
    Tensioner Roller
    Tensioner Assembly
    Idler Roller
    Metal Water Pump
    Accessory Drive Belt
    Thermostat Housing
    Camshaft Seal
    Crankshaft Seal
    Replaced Battery Interstate
    Replaced E-Brank Cables
    161240 Replaced Coolant Y Pipe
    162050 Replaced Expansion Tank Hose - Lower ES#307275
    163275 Replaced Exhaust with 3" Turbo Back Exhaust (EBAY)
    163640 Replaced Drivers Door Lock Modual (OEM) 10/1/2014
    164720 Wheel Alignment
    168455 Swapped GTI front end with Jetta (needs paint but okay)
    169542 Ebay FMIC installed (added N75 bung)
    171204 Replaced Blinker stalk (CC stopped working when using blinker)


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