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    1. Hi, Rob. Sorry that I've been so long in replying, but I haven't logged into this site in ages. I get bothered by harsh noises, and cars are hard due to all of the reflections and hard surfaces involved. The problem might be the tweeter itself, how the freqs it plays are interacting with the cabin, and positioning. I have no experience with the 360, but the "easiest" thing to do would be to keep dialing the tweeter volume and high frequencies down. If that doesn't solve it, you could try repositioning the tweeters, but then you're dealing with new reflections, different time alignment, etc. Since we have limited space to talk this way, here's my email: jrsreid Also visit and And here's a long post about tweeters by the creator of my speakers (HAT), Scott Buwalda
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      I'm not looking for something fancy here, just something I can bare to listen to for more than 30 minutes at a moderate volume.

      My last car was an 02' jetta tdi, it had the wonderful monsoon system, front and back components, trunk mounted amp, and much better imaging (the mid subs were in the kick panel instead at your butt) While it lacked some power, and lost lower frequencies, I really never had issues with that like I'm having here.

      I really appreciate any advice you can offer, I've really enjoyed reading your posts here and there.


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      So I ask for your opinion, what is causing this fatigue, is it an unlucky selection of alpine components (some of the reviews mark them as being horribly bright, while most love them), is it the poor imaging (they face each other, seem to sound a million times better if you stick your head on the dash), is it some kind of resonance I'm getting in the door panels (I haven't dynamated yet, but it's on my to do list), or is it something weird the hu is doing that the rockford just doesn't seem to be able to combat? My first instinct is to see about actually turned the tweets a bit to face out more into the cabin, but I'm thinking that isn't going to fly.

      Now that my spot for my mids in the front doors are empty, it's occurred to me that it might be much better imaging to put the tweets where my 4' mids were, and point them accordingly. Or, get a 4' mid/tweet to put in that spot. But I really don't want to put another amp in. Which puts me in a place where I’m lost on a technical level
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      After getting it tuned via the eq with the rockford, I had one initial complaint, my tweeter still sounded really bright and harsh. Re-tuned it to turn those higher frequencies down a bit, and it sounds better. However, upon driving it for an hour, 30 minutes in: ear fatigue.

      Square One. Kinda.

      Never really had any issues with this in the past, I've got big ole' polk towers at home, never had any kind of fatigue like this before. Reading some of the custom install jobs people have done on here (including yourself) has proven to be very interesting but very daunting, and maybe something I don't want to have to get more into then I want to. I like my OEM look, and want to maintain it as much as possible, and I'm also a poor college student who can't afford to work through my malcontent with the system through trial and error upgrades. (to which I may have learned my lesson, not that this new set up doesn't sound exponentially better)
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      It has the rcd 510 hu, and a 10 speaker set up, with three in each front door, and two in the back.

      Not the dyna audio unfortunately. It does have two amps, one in each door for the left side and the ride side respectively. Which left me in a place of "all or nothing" as far as just adding an amp, or new speakers etc.

      So after much research, I decided to do my upgrade, I put in alpine components in the front, dropping the mid and installing the tweet in the sail where the oem one had been, dropped the tweet in the back (because it was closer to your ear than anything else), and put in alpine coaxs, a jl 12' enclosed sub in the back, all powered by a 5 channel alpine mrx v70, with a rockford 3sixty.2 between the Hu and the amp. Paid a car audio place to put it all in and get it hooked up. Cost me more than i wanted it to, but hey! this was going to fix all my issues right?
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      I'm stumbled upon some of your posts about your jsw and you're accompanying audio system. You seem to be quite the expert.

      I wrote out a big long monologue in here asking for your advice, only to find there was a character limit that I am well over.

      So i'm splitting it into 4 messages. My apologies.

      Absolutely love it with the exception of some road noise and the piss poor sound system.

      I was experiencing terrible ear fatigue with the system within 30 minutes of moderate loud use. The tweeter seemed to be very harsh, i had the treble turned down at least half way on the hu eq. I just figured my problem lay somewhere in the stock system cutting out certain frequencies etc etc.
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