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      GTI Production Delays

      Any dealer can enter an order into the system however, that dealer has to earn allocation for the vehicle to get it moved to production status.
    2. Speed Bump

      VW is the one who set the goals for themselves. The have already begun adding new dealers to the various markets in anticipation of the sales increase, which by the way has had an impact on the...
    3. Speed Bump continues June Sales off 3.2%

      VW closed out June down 3.2% over June 2012, and 2.8% below May 2013. This is 2 consecutive months of year over year sales declines after having double digit increases for most of the last 2 years. ...
    4. Volkswagen has Hit a Self Imposed Speed Bump in US Market

      I was beginning to wonder if I was the only person that had noticed that VW Sales here in the US had taken a turn downward since the end of April. That is until today when I read an article in Forbes...
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      Jetta Hybrid vs Prius

      Yes, it is true the Prius is the leader of all Hybrids however, those sales are a relatively small percentage of Toyota sales. The Prius sells about 130,000 units per year in the US Market. Camry...
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      2013 Jetta Hybrid Residual Values?

      I am not sure what VW is thinking but I was just looking at the residuals for the New 2013 Jetta Hybrids and they are the lowest of any car VW has. The 15000 mile residual is only 50% for 36 months?...
    7. GLI vs Focus

      Do yourself a favor and it may help satisfy your concerns over long term reliability. Go out and drive a 3 year old VW and Focus. Do to changes in design you won't be able to find exact models but...
    8. What is the Delay on the New Hybrid Jetta?

      Anyone know what the hold up is on the New Hybrid Jetta models. There have been hundreds of them sitting at the port for 6-7 weeks in port stock. None have been labeled, or invoiced. I check VIM...
    9. Buying Out of State

      You might want to check with your credit union to see if they can do a wire transfer to the dealer account. Then as long as you look at the cars in the morning (early) the credit union could wire...
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      November 2012 CPO Rates

      In November any used VW 2006 or newer gets the CPO rate.
      Tier 1+ requires a 740 or better credit score and 2008 - 2013 used VW's get 1.99% for up to 60 months, and 2.64% for 61-72 months.
      2007 only...
    11. Magnum Value

      Assuming it is a RWD Magnum RT with 80K I think you have about a $8500-9000 car in trade. Cars like it with similar miles are being advertised in the $11500-12000 range by dealers in SE Michigan....
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      Speedy's CC Lease

      Hi Speedy. The difference between a 36 and 42 month lease comes to $24 a month more for the 36 than the 42. So if you decide to move ahead in Nov or Dec just tell them you want the 36 month term.
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      CC Pricing

      In Michigan you can lease a 2013 CC with LED Pkg and Manual Trans for $278 plus tax with $0 due at signing under the Sign then Drive November Lease Special. This is 42 months with 10K. The 15 K lease...
    14. 2011 gti

      You did not elaborate on the GTI is it a 2 or 4 door, base, roof, autobahn? Also are you purchasing from a VW Dealer and is it a VW Certified Used Car?

      If it is an Autobahn, and a Certified...
    15. Really a 17 year old MarkIII for a 85 mile daily commute?

      This guy just landed a new job, and with an 85 mile commute to work I would never recommend driving a 15-18 year old VW. Not if he wants to keep his job that is. Yes they are pretty cheap to buy and...
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      Golf R 4 Sale

      I think your $35K price is quite a bit high. A new 2013 R 4 door with Sunroof and Nav has a MSRP of $37120 and invoice of $35627. I have 2 or 3 on the lot I would sell you for $34990 before tax and...
    17. Sporty Commuters

      You were almost there with the Jetta SE. You really should be considering the Jetta TDI though. Excellent fuel economy, sporty, reliable, and well within price range, and retains a very high...
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      There was a time perhaps 15-20 years ago when brokers could be a useful alternative to shopping for a car yourself. Things have changed quite a bit now with the popularity of the Internet. Today...
    19. Blue Dot

      Most dealers have vendors that stop out weekly to do things like chip repairs on windshields, paintless dent removal, ect. Those vendors will typically put a small dot on the headlamp once they look...
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      VW Loyalty Bonus

      I am afraid not. The loyalty incentive did expire at the end of October.
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