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      Is this still for sale? Please send me an email...

      Is this still for sale? Please send me an email since I don't log on much: I'm near LA. If you have a pic, that would be great.

    2. $3800 new price.

      $3800 new price.
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    5. TTT :thumbup:

      TTT :thumbup:
    6. To the top!:)

      To the top!:)
    7. To the top.

      To the top.
    8. Still for sale

      Still for sale
    9. Let's do this!:beer:

      Let's do this!:beer:
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    12. Up:thumbup:

    13. Who wants?:thumbup:

      Who wants?:thumbup:
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    16. To the top :beer:

      To the top :beer:
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    19. FS: 22" staggered Forgiatto Monoleggera Pinzette

      These wheels came on my 2007 Audi S8 when I purchased it. I expected them to run too rough with a low profile tire, but with the air suspension it rode really well, so I burned through the tires...
    20. FS: (4) Falken Azenis RT-615 225/45/17 SoCal

      These came on some wheels I bought. They have about 60% tread left on all of them. Very popular tire in the drift community, but they do just as well as a summer performance street tire.
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