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    1. It's the pot calling the kettle "black"

      Pretty ironic-- though those snarky Ford-sellin' patriots probably have no idea, Henry Ford was a champion of bigotry back when Hitler was just a boy. Ford supported various anti-Semetic causes, and...
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      A tinted windshield?

      Doesn't he drive at night?
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      Consider that the rooftop box will be a lot lower...

      Consider that the rooftop box will be a lot lower and more accessible on the Sportswagen. I like the Forester's size and shape, but a turbo 4 and DSG/Tip are far more attractive to me than Subaru's...
    4. I may not need it, but it looks like a nice...

      I may not need it, but it looks like a nice product. For the record, the Tiguan spec sheets say that my 2013 SEL has Sports Suspension, while the 2015 SEL has Regular Suspension (and also lacks the...
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      Thanks for that info

      That's a steep bill, although you could probably get some portion of that by selling the new stock headlights on the collision repair parts market.

      That, and some other factors, are sending me...
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      If anyone knows the answer (and the cost), I'd be...

      If anyone knows the answer (and the cost), I'd be interested. I would expect a big bill, however. Reading a recent C&D magazine, I was amazed to see that the replacement price for one Ford Focus...
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      In praise of AFS lighting

      As I approach the end of a lease of a 2013 SEL Tiguan, I'm becoming more appreciative of the high-end lighting package, including the "adaptive" HID headlights. My other car, an '09 GTI, has HIDs,...
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      Thanks for the thoughtful input

      In my case, the "not" reason boils down to the fear and loathing my wife still holds towards all things Audi, after a nightmare experience with a used allroad hangar queen that she won't soon forget....
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      Another reason to buy later

      To add to this old topic-- there's a very good reason why a late-model-year purchase is cheaper. The car is worth less less! The 2015 you buy today is about to turn into "last year's model" when the...
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      The fuse box was covered by a free recall, so I...

      The fuse box was covered by a free recall, so I wouldn't worry about that.
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      Thirty MPG is possible

      I drove my Tiguan from Denver to Telluride last fall, averaging 30 mpg indicated there and 33 coming back, downhill. So it can be done, but city mileage will be much lower. My '09 GTI, also with the...
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      Re the original comment about towing trailers,...

      Re the original comment about towing trailers, I'd recommend brakes on the trailer itself, instead of asking the car to control the load. With electric brakes, my Tig hauls a one-ton Scamp through...
    13. really?

      I might want that if I were asleep in the passenger seat, but I don't want my head in contact with anything when I drive. My Tiguan SEL is the roughest-riding car I've ever had, and my neck serves as...
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      So why not a Q5 instead?

      Just as I asked above. The lease is running out on our '13 Tiguan, and I'm considering a short list of compact CUVs with turbo fours. Not much else to examine but the Tig's big brother, the Audi...
    15. I'm glad to hear that it's not just me

      The audio system in my wife's 2013 Tiguan SEL just sounds terrible to me, though it's in the most expensive car I've ever purchased. Treble sounds in the vocal range are exaggerated and harsh. It's...
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      And how about the opposite kit?

      I've always thought that a slightly lowered Tiguan would be just right.
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      No place for the p!!s bottle?

      I'd carry a gallon jug of urea lashed down the trunk, if it meant I could have TDI in a Sportswagen Alltrack.
    18. And I might want your seats...

      If you ever make that swap, heartbeats, I'd be interested in your set of beige cloth (heated)seats for the '03 Jetta IDI wagon I'm redoing. I'm in Denver,, which is closer to you than Philly, and I...
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      It's a great tow car

      My experience is this: one tow trip, 60 miles away and 5,000 feet of elevation gain, with a one-ton travel trailer. It's a fiberglass 16-foot Scamp trailer that looks like a big white egg. The Scamp...
    20. Top Gear towing torture test trashes trailer, but Tiguan triumphs

      Am I the first to take note of the Tiguan's starring role in Top Gear's latest caravanning odyssey? They despise the car, of course, like all crossovers, but it puts in a pretty radical performance....
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