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    1. 15 years - what were you driving in 1999? Or lusting after?

      I was driving a brand new '99 Pontiac Bonneville that repeatedly tried to kill me by stalling randomly while driving. The "old" GM bought that POS back and I bought a Park Avenue demo.
    2. Thinking of buying a 2004 Lexus ES330.. pros, cons, issues? problems?

      Yeah, it did. The ES was awful. Reliable I'm sure, but awful. Damn, this place is filled with haters.
    3. Thinking of buying a 2004 Lexus ES330.. pros, cons, issues? problems?

      I drive an A6. Keep up before casting stones. Even so the Jetta was a much better drive than the ES.
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      Infiniti Q50 and Maserati Ghibli

      Def see the similarities. Does not help that there are a couple Ghiblis in the neighborhood already as well as some Q50s so it's not "no, it can't be" as far as being a Maser but I often mistake the...
    5. Thinking of buying a 2004 Lexus ES330.. pros, cons, issues? problems?

      We were given an ES as a loaner while my wife's RX was in for service. This was the only loaner (and it was quite new) that I ever remember driving not even 100 feet pulling over & handing her the...
    6. Has anyone downgraded their wheels from bigger to smaller?

      Ha, yeah, the roads in Jersey are pretty bad. I had the dealer replace the factory 19's on my A6 with 18's, they are in the shed now as I just left the 17's with winter tires on it. The snows were...
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      why is Buick subconsciously apologizing?

      Did not watch the original commercial posted but had to wonder if the elderly woman is saying "You know Sonny, back in the day we could put a key ring full of keys in the ignition. Those were the...
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      At what point do you "pull the plug"?

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      Jetta S Thread shot, it was a faithful accomplice but was scary slow when I really needed it to respond so I traded it in.
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      Jetta S Thread was mine
    11. A necessary investment for Cadillac: the Seville of '75

      Haha, the Granada/Monarch/Versailles... in college when home on break I would work for a dealer washing cars, detailing, whatever. Two things I remember most (aside from the fact they were total...
    12. A necessary investment for Cadillac: the Seville of '75

      I have owned two 1978 Sevilles. The first was a full option Autumn Haze firemist with Astroroof, it was a local trade on a Saab 9000. The second was a well optioned Sterling Blue non-sunroof trade on...
    13. Subaru teases all-new Legacy ahead of Chicago debut

      Saw a new Legacy on the road the other day (it had manufacturers plates). The comment about it looking like an AWD Accord seemed dead-on. Not exciting to look at but a whole ton better than the...
    14. Dolomite Sprint vs. Alfa Guilia Super (or 1300) vs Something Else: Quest To Destroy My Savings

      Haha, I had to look twice to be sure I did not write this post. The Guilia? The Berlina suggestion? Cool. The GTV6? Oh holy hell yes, but that 626 Coupe? Where did they all go? I had one in college...
    15. GM recalls another 2.42 million vehicles, doubles second-quarter charge

      Wonder what GM is going to do with all the power steering pump/steering rack failures on the Lambda crossovers? Ms. Barra might want to attend to that issue as well while they are being brought in to...
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      American cars in Europe

      I remember prior to visiting Paris the first time people were telling me the French were rude and hated Americans so I was not sure what to expect. Among the very first cars I saw upon our arrival...
    17. New Daily Needed - Learn Me 7th Gen Honda Accord

      I owned an 06 EX-L 4cyl/5at purchased new and have to say other than a weak factory battery it was the most trouble-free car I have ever owned. Traded the car at 70k miles on an A6. Remember sitting...
    18. Shots Fired: Ford mocks Cadillac's "Poolside" commercial with "Upside"

      I don't care for either ad (or vehicle for that matter) but GM commercial really annoys me. More so in fact since the recent recall, but that "wink" at the end of the commercial? Downright creepy.
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      Your classic car preference requested

      '77 Coupe deVille d'Elegance
    20. Junk car auction in Idaho - cheap, old, and interesting

      Aw hell, I want the 100LS 😳
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