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      Sounds Good & Also Not Too Good to be True

      $65 for oil is OK, but even the dealer will run specials at $50 or below.

      $210 is great for DSG service. The fluid (really only needs 4.5 liters, but you have to buy 5 liters) gaskets, and filter...
    2. Quibble, Quibble

      You won't get it all the way in, but it might take a while to figure it out what the problem is if the filter is already in the trash. The very black oil can make it hard to see the obstruction,...
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      MK V Mirrors

      Mk VI Golfs, GTIs, and Rs have very different mirrors than the MK V versions on JSWs.

      You should be safe with any MK V mirror, though.
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      Be Mindful of the Ratios, Though

      There are some differences in the ratio spreads in the 5MTs as well as in the 6 MTs.

      A close ratio 6 MT box may end up returning fewer MPGs than you might see with a wider ratio 5 MT.

      Also, if...
    5. Thanks for Bringing it up

      It's not a common problem, but it's worth paying attention to.

      I could see why this happens.

      The heat could make the plastic more brittle over time.

      The filter cap needs to be angled out...
    6. A Few Suggestions

      Rubber mats from the dealer are nice enough. You're buying a new car...get a deal on those, too, along with the factory mud flaps, which are easiest to install on a lift.

      Get VCDS (also called...
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      Not So Fast...More Than One Variable In Play

      So... If you have a '13 SE, you have a Tiptronic automatic. If you had opted for a TDI, the automatic transmission is a DSG. That's a significant change, too.

      We have an S with a 2.5l / 5MT and...
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      Knowing Your Audience

      True, but you knew all of the details. Pretty good chance some of the others were a bit fuzzy.

      I've been wanting not to like the MK VII, but the 1.8T could end up being a great improvement due to...
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      Nothin' to Do With TN

      The Chattanooga, TN plant builds a Passat body style that's sold in the U.S. and in China. The Rest of the World (RoW) gets a B7 Passat that a lot like the B6. Given the massive size of the...
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      We Get Such Boring Colors Here... 50 Shades of Beige

      VWoA would do well to give us more choices, such as these...

      From what's available in the US right now, I like the Tornado Red and the Toffee...
    11. My Son Went

      Sign of the times...

      My son changed the head gasket on his 24V VR-6, but had a pesky coolant leak and ran low on time.

      My silver JSW TDI made the trip to Waterfest on Saturday with four...
    12. Hella is a Perfect Fit

      Hella is a perfect fit, but it can be a PITA to pry the light out.

      The spring clips are metal and they can "bond" to the metal on the hatch. The rubber gasket can stick to the hatch, too.
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      Factory BT Modules Work

      The factory BT modules work. Makes sense to get the latest for the most features. I cheated and used the RNS-315 because it has BT built in. That BT module works well and the -315, while not...
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      Any Chance You Have a Sunroof?

      I got my '09 JSW used from a dealer in another state. When I looked in the spare tire well after the car was unloaded, it was full of water. The water source was defective sun roof drain tubes. If...
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      Try All of the Options First, Though

      I'm good with my 2.5, but I'm ready to test drive a 1.8T JSW when they start showing up here. My guess is that the 1.8T engine will be quite nice and easy to hop up, but I don't expect a 6 MT to be...
    16. Welcome

      The JSW looks nice and CPO is a great way to pick one up.

      Her JSW has very similar electronics to yours, so it should be easy to support her should she have questions.

      One thing you might do is...
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      The '09 2.0T...

      The 2.0T JSW is my favorite JSW for sheer driving pleasure. It's the JSW that really surprises other drivers because few expect that a little wagon can be so quick and nimble. It's a GTI that just...
    18. Thread: TDI vs Gas

      by Outrider6

      Waiting for Godot?

      Synchro '87's points are well worth considering.

      I went from a B5.5 Passat Wagon to a JSW. The B5.5 had a 1.8T and more passenger room than the JSW. If the MK VII has the extra room and no...
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      The 2.5 Derby

      if you're looking for an S trim JSW, take a careful look at the included amenities and the gear ratios as these have varied over time.

      By 2013, the S trim JSWs had full multi-function displays,...
    20. Thread: TDI vs Gas

      by Outrider6

      Not the Best Use...

      Frequency isn't so much the issue; it's operating time.

      Quick answer: short drives don't get the engine hot enough to be fuel efficient and could be a factor in prematurely clogging up the...
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