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      Late 1981 Caddy!! Blue Dream!!

      Gorgeous One owner 81 caddy, all records with 42k miles... A real Gem😎
    2. Price drop

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      Headlight switch 86coupe

      Sure thing!! I have at least ten of them... Shoot me a message and i will send out... I have a good selection of b2 parts for anyone looking!
    4. $7950

    5. Okay help me with this...

      Original owner says its never been wrecked... And so; did all caddys had the egg carton grill (post 80)? Is it not conceivably possible that it came with this grill from the factory because of the...
    6. Thanks for the positive vibes...

      Thank you!! Just trying to find a good home for her that will preserve and enjoy her as she is:)
    7. Sorry to get bent out of shape people, I just...

      Sorry to get bent out of shape people, I just expected positive responses from the VW community not hecklers... But it always seems to happen... :mad:
    8. Grilled

      Funny it has the same grill in the newspaper ad and the owners manual...
    9. What?

      Maybe he was a head of his time and didn't like the ugly ass egg-carton grill in 81?? This rabbit truck Never has had any damage, just a couple of small dents in the tailgate that could be taken care...
    10. Nlfs... Was hoping to find the right buyer for...

      Nlfs... Was hoping to find the right buyer for this little caddy,, I guess i came to the wrong place as i found nothing but hate... I guess if it was a baligreen rabbit 78 rabbit I would get a...
    11. Wow!! Thanks for your help

      This is what i sent before you"got them down from the Rafters"
      78turbolader]Please send pics, condition? No speaker holes? Repairs needed? You have early door pulls? Any trim. ?
      Any other early...
    12. Hello? Anyone??!!

      Is this Mic on?? TapTap...
    13. Lmk

      Let me know wacha got??
    14. Door cards

      Sent you IM
    15. WTB: Swallowtail 2dr door cards and ST or early Rabbit Dash!!

      Please get ahold of me if you have a good set of door panels "without speaker holes please" (any color) for a 75-76 and a early Dash (ST) you would be willing to sell. Thank you for your time
      I will...
    16. B2 Audi 4000 1981 5+5 sedan Quattro Project for sale.. PNW
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      B2 audi parts

      I have parts... IM me with your needs
    19. PDX: 2004 TDI Jetta parts car $950 obo
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      Hey sry, just got back to you

      Hey sry, just got back to you
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