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    1. oh oh oh. I win!

      oh oh oh.

      I win!
    2. Re: FV-QR (anguishxiii)

      Quote, originally posted by anguishxiii »

      anyone got pics of fahrenheit gti's?

      There were only a handful of us down there all weekend. I didn't see a single fahr gti until friday...
    3. Re: FV-QR (Do Werk)

      Such an epic weekend!
      I originally thought Sara wasn't going to be able to come, but she surprised me and hitched a ride down with Haas during dagball which was an awesome surprise.
      Couldn't have...
    4. Re: (thatskinnykid)

      woot woot!
    5. Re: FV-QR (martytime)

      CTET might have a fall foliage cruise sunday the 25th.
    6. Re: FV-QR (Do Werk)

      We're taking the nice roads down, so its going to take a little longer than the more direct route.
      Can we come up with an uber sick name for our Wednseday cruise down? lol
    7. Re: (thatskinnykid)

    8. That hollowpoint cruise was absolutely epic

      That hollowpoint cruise was absolutely epic
    9. Re: Re: (yellowsn0wman)

      Might of been headed to broke.down
    10. I need everyone who hasn't paid me for h2o to...

      I need everyone who hasn't paid me for h2o to start getting moneys together. I'd like to send the remainder of the payment in by the end of August.
      I also need to know who plans on staying in our...
    11. Re: it's too hot to think of anything witty so here are pictures. (bagged bunny)

      Quote, originally posted by bagged bunny »

      What size is the rear wheel on the Fahrenheit?
      Are the rears the same size as the fronts?

      17x9.5 all around, 215/45 RE92's
    12. Re: FV-QR (DoctorDoctor)

      it was pretty hot.
    13. Re: (thatskinnykid)

      Quote, originally posted by thatskinnykid »

      yo danny...

    14. Re: FV-QR (Do Werk)

      tres hours
    15. Re: FV-QR (blowjustinup)

      Oh....this should be around the final stance of the waggy, a slightly bigger tire with a little more fender trimming, and getting rid of that stupid wood grain vinyl....
    16. Re: FV-QR (Do Werk)

      Quote, originally posted by Do Werk »

      I'm excited about this. Let me know if you need help or anything Danny.

      and are you up for bww tonight? and by up for it I mean coming and eating...
    17. Re: FV-QR (vrDUCKin)

      Quote, originally posted by vrDUCKin »

      OMGZ wagoneer ftw

      FTW indeed!
      I'd ideally like to get the body off the frame so i can reinforce and fix whatever rust problems it may have. ...
    18. Re: (thatskinnykid)

      Quote, originally posted by thatskinnykid »

      fro rly?
      we still on for tomorrow danny?

      yessir. After your car cools I don't forsee it taking too long, considering we've got...
    19. Re: FV-QR (ultralarry)

      wow i feel like complete garbage today.
      on another note, my next project is soon to be underway...
      ...a semi-restoration of a 1990 grand wagoneer...
    20. Re: (thatskinnykid)

      and animal guts. everywhere.
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