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    1. So I did end up having the car checked out at...

      So I did end up having the car checked out at Harrison Motorsports and the guys there were fantastic and really knowledgeable, alas the car itself was not quite so fantastic. I'll be looking...
    2. My bad. Thanks for the advice!

      My bad. Thanks for the advice!
    3. It's actually a BMW but the 'tex has always been...

      It's actually a BMW but the 'tex has always been good to me so I figured I'd ask in the regional forum. I'll shoot him a PM anyway.
    4. Buying used car in ATL, need a mechanic to check it out.

      I'm from NY but am going to be purchasing a used car from the ATL area, could anyone recommend a good mechanic to have the seller bring the car to and get it checked out so I can be sure the car...
    5. Looking for some photos of the Nurburgring from a long while back.

      A few years ago I had found some pictures on here which featured sections of the Nurburgring done in a time-lapse style, and I desperately wish I could find them again but thus far have been unable...
    6. Re: FV-QR (rpmk4)

      After considering my options further, I'm leaning towards a Nissan Frontier quad-cab. Seems to be the best combination of price and options, and I like them.
    7. Re: FV-QR (Turbiodiesel!)

      SUV could definitely work, but I've been leaning towards something with an open bed. I don't want something too huge which is one of the reasons I was avoiding domestics as even an F150 these days is...
    8. Re: FV-QR (Turbiodiesel!)

      I'm not really a fan of domestics, but like I said I would entertain suggestions, so give me them!
    9. Looking to Purchase a 4 Door Truck, Need Advice.

      I am looking into purchasing a four door truck which I would use for the bulk of my daily driving needs. I am not particularly interested in an american made truck, topping the list right now is an...
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      Re: Replacing an Alternator/Battery Charging (OwenS83)

      I remembered have a 12v 10/6/2 Amp Battery charger I bought to charge my motorcycle battery a while back, that should do the trick nicely.

      Quote, originally posted by mgyip »

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      Re: Replacing an Alternator/Battery Charging (Wes@motivemag)

      Quote, originally posted by Wes@motivemag »

      I'd definitely charge the battery fully before firing the car up.

      Thanks. That's what I wanted to know. ...
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      Re: Replacing an Alternator/Battery Charging (Wes@motivemag)

      So Wes, I should not start the car without doing a deep cycle charge after replacing the alternator?
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      Replacing an Alternator/Battery Charging

      I recently purchased a '98 Forester S 5spd, and twice now the car has died while driving. The first time, I was driving along the highway and noticed all my lights were getting dim, then my gauges...
    14. Re: Ever get in trouble for doing donuts in a snowy parking lot? (Jetty!)

      I was fooling around in the parking lots at McMaster university in Hamilton, Ontario one evening when visiting my then-girlfriend, apparently they spotted me on security cameras and dispatched two...
    15. Re: Craigslist: RARE ! - 1994 DODGE CARAVAN HIGHTOP - $2200 (TurboWraith)

      Cmon guys, it's in "overall VERY condition"! ...
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      Re: Sweet Unimog Car Hauler (626818)

      No way, thats in Rochester?! I have to e-mail this guy so I can go check it out.
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      Re: Where were these when we were kids? (Accidental L8 apex)

      Quote, originally posted by Accidental L8 apex »

      Old news and not as safe as the non-cool-for-car-guys child seats. http://**********************/smile/emthdown.gif

      How so...?
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      Re: The American road trip (geoffp)

      Great shots! I've always wanted to do something like this, but I don't think I'll ever pull the trigger and do it. Now the real question is, how many times did you wash and wax the car over the...
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      Re: *sigh* Completely bogus ticket...need advice. (H20DubFreak)

      I am well aware that crossing the lane divider in such a manner is illegal, however I contend that it happens almost every time a light turns green in this city, and if I hadn't been driving a sports...
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      Re: (rlfletch)

      Quote, originally posted by rlfletch »

      Wait, so you didn't slow down for the corner and had to cross the center divider to make it through? Sit the 'eff down. You were driving like an a$$...
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