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      Nice vacation.

      We will miss you....but you'll calm down and see the light.

      I for one, hit that 'plateau' about 12 years at about 20-25 years being into Srocks and Mk1's. I sold off...
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      you can't deck it.

      The block normally does not cause problems....except for checking the head bolt holes for cracks.

      Bentley spec is for FLATNESS of head..... .004" of 'potato chip' is allowed. Remembering that...
    3. racking my brain...

      I have seen over the years....Mk1 engines of all stripes, come into my shop, with either the upper transaxle bolts loose and or the lower bolts loose.

      this would put an angled thrust on the crank...
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      don't let them scare ya!

      Oh c'mon guys this is a non A/C freakin hard is it to pull the head...worst thing is he'll have to buy a new headgasket.

      1. remove intake plastic pipes and boots.
      1.1 drain coolant...
    5. question not asked YET

      How many miles on this 1.6 l Scirocco?....the faces of the thrust flanges being worn out at 250,000 miles is a different answer to ones that died at 10,000.

      Slushboxes are 1.5% of the Mk1 build...
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      try one more thing.

      I know this is difficult....get a good heavy duty center punch and WHACK the stud sharply with the ctr. punch and hammer...a couple of times. Sometimes the shock will loosen it enough.

      If you can...
    7. York parts

      This will get you started.... YORK PARTS
    8. cut the cans

      Cut the cans in 'half' on the seam....with a bandsaw. Don't cut beyond the plastic thickness.

      You're curious...and the parts dead try it.....but a waste of time.:wave:
    9. Best Boat Anchor EVAR! I'm some sort of A/C expert. You HAVE to be living here in Planet Crematoria. (22 days of 110+ and counting).

      I put the A/C into Landshark....twas a non-ac car.

      Here's how the Boat...
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      stud trick

      Take two brand new #6 metric nuts....the correct size.

      Wind one on top of the suspicious hersheys nut, lock them together with a couple of wrenches.....THEN REMOVE THE ENTIRE STUD. THIS IS CALLED...
    11. Design

      The K-G original design has been attributed to Virgil Exner Head of Design for Chrysler during the collaboration phase of the partnership between GHIA and Chrysler around 1956 or so,

      Exner was an...
    12. Happy Birthday.

      Frankly, it was the Karmann Ghia that got me into Sciroccos...well, one of the reasons.

      Year 1973, I'm a Young Driver with a 68 Camaro. Neighbor had a BRG Ghia. Occaisionally, we'd go somewhere...
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      here's the deal

      A rust free scirocco is original. Everything else on the car can be renewed.

      A rusted and repaired Srock WILL always be a rusted and ?repaired? srock. There are many on this site, Myself included,...
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      Done and dusted.

    15. can't be repaired.

      Tried it. The ozone and repeated use eats the internal diapragms....they rip, they're dead.
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      post up good pix.

      If you post up in these forums, some nice pix....the better the pix and or car, the higher the price.

      We will all weigh in. I keep my eyes on the values prize...assiduously. I also have had 57...
    17. A/c bonus

      I see the 81's is an original A/C car.....who took out the compressor?
    18. LT-1 m21 stingray

      1969 L-46 M-21 SIDE EXHAUST Duntov Cammed Stingray, .Convertible two top, FE7.....I have one too. pleased to meet ya.

      So yours is a 70-72.

      If I say FACTORY side exhausts you know what mine...
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      x2 with a bullet

      I'm sort of amazed that you let the rotor get THAT used up...looks like it's over 1/8thinch worn into the rotor. I personally would not have that rotor's most likely out of spec for...
    20. Azwireguy

      WE have concocted a fix. Ford F-150 vacuum actuators....he found the part numbers and made the switch.:thumbup:

      His name is Chris.

      good luck
      Uncle Hal
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