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      Just got one myself..

      Funny, Just got one (I know this thread is old) and in your first post I did the same exact stuff, cept K&N instead of Autotech intake...

      Where'd you get the pillar covers?

    2. Funny K&N Support experience - my first for my "New" 07" Fahrenheit GLI

      PS, got it all installed after a little sourcing trip.. sounds very ricey - all "Pshhhh" sounding on accel and decel... Meh, still like it better than the stock cover.
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      Got an 07' GLI Farenheit today...

      Previous owner snagged the serial number off the steering wheel.. Any way to tell which number it is from the vin?
    4. Ok, sign me up! Not too hopeful... Lately...

      Ok, sign me up!

      Not too hopeful... Lately Audi has been too heavy and too expensive... I've got a B5 and a B6, and they are getting long in the tooth.. Come on Audi, make something I want to...
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      Looks great and nice mods... BTW, its had paint...

      Looks great and nice mods... BTW, its had paint work in several areas from your pics - doesn't detract from it - just sayin'. Might have had a light bump in the back as the hatch and below is...
    6. The people selling these say they have identical...

      The people selling these say they have identical internals to the 1.8t packs. I have seen NO evidence these are any better than stock coil packs - certainly no scientifically verifiable evidence. I...
    7. +1.. Meh. looks too tall.

      +1.. Meh. looks too tall.
    8. Hmm

      Wait a minute... 3800lb for an A3? Damn. Even if they brought me just what I want (doubt it) at a reasonable price (even less likely), it will weigh 400lb more than my B6 which is too heavy already?...
    9. come on Audi!

      I've had 4 Audi's ( 3 A4's and a 5000), and still have two of the A4's... I have a B5 and a B6, both bought new, but getting a bit long in the tooth... What to replace them with? The B8 is too big...
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      hey, you still got the MAF? and is it compatible...

      hey, you still got the MAF? and is it compatible with a B5 A4 - 1999 1.8t?

      If so shoot me an email at dspinnett yahoo and I'll take it.
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      I know this is old, but I just tried to install a...

      I know this is old, but I just tried to install a P3.. Using the 3rd wire, it was backwards for me too. I have the factory hitch, and wonder why people don't use the wire from the plug rather than...
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      looks GREAT... Once dumbed down to production...

      looks GREAT... Once dumbed down to production spec, maybe not so much. As reported elsewhere, its too heavy and mileage is not good.. I think it looks a lot more like my B6 than it does my B5 though....
    13. Re: 1979 Rust-Free Scirocco rolling shell with IT* Rollcage and Part ... (Paul@VWvortex)

      Looks like a good start on a track toy. I'd like a MKI, and am looking for the right one. Just to be clear though, the cage would not pass SCCA spec and if anybody would want it for Improved Touring...
    14. Re: The Economics of Modular Platforms Such as Audi's MLB a ... (Travis Grundke)

      "But best of all - the new modular structure should allow Audi and VW to do what Apple has been able to do with the flexible, componentized architecture of their OS X operating system: develop and...
    15. Re: 2010 Audi S4 Order Guide for USA with Pricing (jperryrocks)

      They made the price look cheaper, but to add back the same functions as before, it appears to be much MORE expensive... Epic marketing fail if you ask me.. Hey, is service still pay, or did they...
    16. Re: 2010 Audi S4 Order Guide for USA with Pricing (George@Fourtitude)

      Man, I was considering this as my next car, but they are really spanking you on options!
      I gotta spend nearly twice what my B6 A4 cost, yet it takes a $6,000 option to get the auto dimming mirrors...
    17. I've had Revo (GTRS/ATP/APR Exhaust with "sport"...

      I've had Revo (GTRS/ATP/APR Exhaust with "sport" center, FMIC etc)... and I have nothing to compare it with, but its worked great. No backfire, steady idle etc. Idle really depends on injectors tho....
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      Re: FV-QR (Code3VW)

      I'm sorry, was this the "I'm a defensive fanboy who has to defend bad quality" Forum? You are welcome to not help, but if you aren't going to, you can ****. I assume you are the same jerk from the...
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      Junk on MFI display?

      Anybody seen this before? There is a scattering of pixels lit up that looks like a map of the UK Its also repeated in miniature on the compass overhead......
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      Re: Fourtitude Drives the 2010 Audi S4 S Tronic (George@Fourtitude)

      No sunroof delete? BOO! I ordered both my last two A4's that way, and don't want it any other way (weight, cost, headroom). Maybe BMW will take my money
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