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    1. the cluster work and do you have the dash...

      the cluster work and do you have the dash switches by chance?
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      noob here have a question on aba swap

      what size belt do i need if i have no a/c and powersteering??? need to know asap:D
    3. i just bought a bentley

      it was the best investment i made. i am also a noob but i swapped a 2.0 out of a 97 jetta and shes got some balls to her. good luck man if you ever need anything get at me on here! :beer: i think all...
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      brake upgrade

      trying to upgrade to rear disk brakes. need to know what i need to make this happen!!! :D
    5. power to engine is good

      i still need power to the fuel pump, i believe i have a bad fuel relay??? lost and confused :eek:
    6. need wiring HELP for 2.0 swap it to a mark two that used to be auto

      Im having trouble with the power not getting power to both fuse boxes, and the fuel pump is not getting primed if someone could help with a wiring diagram and fuse box/ relay panel. Would be greatly...
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      Do you have anything on what relays goes where im also doning a 2.0 swap and need to know the the placement of relays
    8. speedocable

      where can i get a speedocable from???:banghead:
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      gots a little bit of a wirring issue

      I have a MK2 that im swaping an aba 8v into. I need to figure out the o2 sensor wires that come off the header its an obd2 engine. the o2 wires coming from the computer are three wires a yellow black...
    10. Thread: mk2.0 baby

      by millermk2.0

      mk2.0 baby

      putting a 2.0 in my 4 door golf having all to much fun getting my hands dirt on this build but also looking for a rear disc brake conversion for it to. The car started life as an automatic. But with...
    11. are they 4 lug and where you at in pa

      are they 4 lug and where you at in pa
    12. Does it come with a cat???

      Does it come with a cat???
    13. you have driver door and driver passenger doors?

      you have driver door and driver passenger doors?
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      Sticky: how do i wire the engine to my body harness

      i have a 86 golf that im doing a 2.0 swap form a 97 jetta and i need to know how to wire it up with the extra fuse box????? i got the old engine pulled in about 3hrs and got the new one in with no...
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      Need help with 2.0 swap

      Need help with the wiring, the engine is in the car but have no idea how to splice in to the regular harness. And it's a Manuel conversion as well, so help is greatly need and or insight.
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