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    1. ny li wtb parts for my 96 sedan. or full face lift for b5.5

      just got a 96 a4 with some front end damage. need a bumper, p/s fender and corner light, hood and rad cover for the top that holds the head light. not very familiar with what works from different...
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      hey any chance the corner light, passenger fender...

      hey any chance the corner light, passenger fender and upper "rad support" (the plastic that covers the top of the rad and the headlights bolt to)
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      b4 passat sedan body parts . li ny

      hey guys got some left over stuff from my 95 b4 sedan. doors trunk lights interior lots of 2.0 motor parts int equpment. in suffolk ny 631 834 2870 lmk what you need i may just have it.
    4. fs after market b3 grill w mesh no badge li ny

      hey guys will post a pic asap but i belive is a abt grill in black just mesh were grill is. looking for 100 obo ..631 834 2870 is suffolk ny
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      FEELER 90 carrado g60 li ny

      hey guys. i have a 90 carrado red g60 . car was hit. my girl drove it after the accedent so it is cosmettic. ps fender ps mirror and some dings in door and rear querter.. i no pics will help but i...
    6. f/s f/t 13 AND UP p/s headlight w led drl

      i have one new headlight for a 13 up cc the light was 749 from the dealer. still in box. taking best offer or some upgrades for my 12 rline
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      what year is your cc?

      what year is your cc?
    8. tuning chip. what is my best bang for my buck

      hey guys, just picked up a 2012 cc rline. it has the 2.0 tsi in it . looking into chipping it. just trying to see who has what to say about the different choices out there. I would like something...
    9. I got it local so im not to sure.

      I got it local so im not to sure.
    10. Fs nos b4 front bumper from vw in box ny pics

      Yes I have a nos b4 front bumper in box never painted and no holes for a plate. It has the support on it as we'll Bought this from a local dealer that had it stashed away. My passat was totaled b4 I...
    11. thank you very much ... the calipers are good...

      thank you very much ... the calipers are good but just to let u know there 91 each it comes to 182 when u put it in your cart becuase they are sold in packs of 2.. they try and get you every time...
    12. g60 corrado parts swap questions,what other vw parts fit? experts and no it alls please give your advice

      hey guys, been in the vw seen for a bit now, my girl steped it up and we found her a g60 corrado, been driving it a little wail now doing little things here and there.
      I no most jetta golf stuff is...
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      are you willing to ship to the us?

      are you willing to ship to the us?
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      sill around? I know its a 4 year old thread but...

      sill around? I know its a 4 year old thread but mybey u have one still.
    15. bump

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    18. bump

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    20. audi s4 wheels with center caps 17x7.5 liny

      i have a full set of audi s4 wheels. they are 17x7.5 with the full center cap. over the winter I sent the wheels to get refinished so there are no curb marks or scratchs.. wheels were refinished...
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