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    1. Thanks - as it is still running, at least for...

      Thanks - as it is still running, at least for now, I think I am going to go get it and get a "second opinion". When driving it to the dealer on a longer than ideal run (almost 2 hours), the...
    2. Options for 2007 Passat 2.0t replacement motor

      I have a 2007 Passat 2.0T with a little over 150K miles. It had been burning some oil over the last year or two but would top off when noticed it low. This past weekend the "Low Oil Pressure" light...
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      Re: iPhone 3GS & DICE i-VW-R (Corrado Fiend)

      I purchased the 5V cable to go along with my older i-VW-R DICE kit. It DOES charge the 3GS - you still get the annoying "this device is not compatible" pop-up, but it does charge (albeit slower than...
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      iPhone 3GS & DICE i-VW-R

      I had a 1G iPhone and the DICE i-VW-R kit. I just upgraded to the iPhone 3GS today and found that I'll need a USB/5V charging upgrade cable at a minimum.<p>Does anyone yet have a 3GS with the DICE...
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      Re: iPhone Interface. (cwwiii)

      I have the DICE i-VW-R unit and the DICE cradle and it is a nice combo. I've then also have the Parrot kit with the cable harness / controller to integrate to the steering wheel phone...
    6. Can't shift to Neutral with a dead battery?

      I recently came home from a weekl long trip to find my battery had died while the car was in the airport parking garage - still not 100% sure why, maybe my parking lights were on, but I can't now be...
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      I recently did this mod and got what was reported...

      I recently did this mod and got what was reported to be a visor from a 2008 model (was putting it in my May 2007 build), and it appeared that some of the wiring colors may have changed from what...
    8. thanks passatfan2006 - sounds like the same path...

      thanks passatfan2006 - sounds like the same path I was planning.... just worrysome when wiring colors are swapped on parts with different date codes, etc <IMG NAME="icon"...
    9. retrofit of HomeLink Visor - wiring guidance needed

      Below is an edited version of a post I made on the Golf V / Jetta V form re: installing a HomeLink visor - posting here in the hope that the locals here have more experience with the specific wiring...
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      Re: Homelink Install Writeup (info for Passat B6)

      I just purchased a HomeLink visor off Ebay from a 2008 Passat which I plan to put in my 2007 Passat.<p>The wiring colors are a bit different - Blue, Brown & Red. I assume Brown = +12 & Red = ground...
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      Service in 135 miles or 342 days (??)

      As I neared by 5K service interval, and again as I near the 10K interval I am getting the reminder notice about the service period nearing - but what is odd is that the milage "remaining" is about...
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      Any chance this smell occurs when turning on the...

      Any chance this smell occurs when turning on the A/C, after it not being used for a while. There tends to be a musty type smell - not sure I'd characterize it as smoky, but its a definite smell that...
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      Re: Pic Whoring...Bluetooth install.... (nater)

      &gt;I followed this DIY and ALSO installed the MIC in the visor for a perfect sounding call. Left myself plenty of VM's to check too.<p>Pics please...... (of the MIC visor install)
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      I was also installing an iPod adapter box, so...

      I was also installing an iPod adapter box, so space behind the radio was at an extreme premium for me.<p>I ended up fishing the wiring harness out the back of the radio cavity and up over the dash...
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      Re: Bluetooth and steering wheel (genuino)

      Here is a good write up from the EOS forums. Plenty of other posts here in the B6 forum.<p><A HREF=""...
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      how can you find your transmission VIN # to see...

      how can you find your transmission VIN # to see if this above TSB applies to a specific vechile. This 4/5 gear hard downshift sounds like what I am experiencing.... the dealer was not able to...
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      I get this pretty consistently most day both to...

      I get this pretty consistently most day both to and from work coming off the highway after running for about 30 min at 65-75 mpg. I tried to get it looked out by the dealership duing my 5K service...
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      Re: (reef150)

      Finally got a chance to open the panel where I hid my DICE and give this a try. Note I've installed this in an 07 VW Passat with the 6-disc in-dash CD player radio. I am also using an iPhone (as...
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      Anyone know if this same "trick" (the dip switch...

      Anyone know if this same "trick" (the dip switch settings) will work for the iPhone? I get the "Accessory Connected" screen on the iPhone.<p>I did get an e-mail back from DICE in the last week...
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      Installation is really quite easy.... the below...

      Installation is really quite easy....<p>the below assumes you don't have an external CD changer. There are plenty of posts on this subject around - also, check the Portable MP3/Satellite Radio list...
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