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    1. WTB 4motion Wagon (or A6 Avant) in Michigan or Great Lakes area this week

      Last week totaled my 05 4motion Wagon...looking for an 05 or newer wagon.
      Will be checking the board this week as I need something fast...

      Please PM or send email thru the forum.
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      Engine Diagram?

      Does anyone have a link to the engine diagram, vacuum hoses routing in particular.<br>Thanks!
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      Heated Seat issue - works partially

      05 4 Motion, GLS leatherette<br>Problem:<p>Driver's side seat warmer does not work. The back warmer on the same seat works just fine. I looked tonight bellow the seat and did not notice any loose...
    4. Bistars with Michelin Pilot 225/45 17" for sale

      I have a set of VW Bistars with Michelin Pilot 225/45 17" for sale. They are off of my wife's 05 passat.<p>The tires have 40,000 miles on and they are eavenly wore.<p>Some curb rash on 2 tires, as...
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      Re: (AE2058)

      Agree...I have a 96 Passat TDI and I use full Syn oils 505.00 for that ole girl...<p>Now that I'm an Amsoil distributor I'd like to use Amsoil for both my TDI and the 1.8T gasser.<p>I do not want to...
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      Re: Anyone using Amsoil 5/40W VW 505.01? (iae21)

      How many miles do you go before oil changes with amsoil on your 1.8T?<br>thanks...
    7. Re: 97 Passat GLX Tire replacement 15" suggestions (VWZIMM)

      I use Corrado VW steel rims....15x6.5. They work very good on B4s.
    8. Re: WTB passat 2002 stering wheel in leather. (Kaos26003)

      Im interested as well...I have an 05 gls. Would this enable the steering wheel controls assuming the wheel has those.<br>thanks.
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      Re: FV-QR (VMRWheels)

      I got mine from <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank"></A>/ i used 5x112 wheels on my MKIV(03 jetta)...I had to buy honda lug nuts to make it happen as they were the...
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      Would 215 50 17 tires work?

      My passat came with a set of 225 45 17 I want to mount do not come in this size, the closest size is 215 50 17.<p>Should I worry about rubbing?<p>05 passat 4 motion....stock,
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      i've used these guys

      i've used these guys <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank"></A>/<br>to go from 5x100 to 5x112 wheels. Good quality.
    12. Re: 97 Passat GLX Tire replacement 15" suggestions (VWZIMM)

      195 60 15 is what I have...nothing fancy but skinnier tires are better for snow anyhow.
    13. Re: (gitee)

      how do i check IM on this forum? I do not see a "quick" link to my messages.<br>thanks...
    14. Re: (rev.b)

      where are you located? I'm in W. Michigan.<br>thanks.
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      MY 17s for your 16s

      Just purchased an 05 passat with factory 17s with michelin tires.<p>would like to trade these for your 16s.<p>let me know what you have....I am located in W. Michigan.
    16. Want to trade Passat wheels - MY 17" for your 16s

      Just picked up a 2005 Passat 4motion with factory 17" and 225 45 17 Michelin tires.<p>I'd like to trade these for a set of 16" vw wheels.<p>Please let me know what you have.<br>Thanks.
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      WTB B5 4 motion manual

      Looking for a B5 sedan would work but would like a wagon.<p>Has to be a 4motion w/manual tranny...<p>I am located in W. Michigan.<br>Thanks...<br>P.S. Have a 96 Passat TDI for sale/trade (900 miles...
    18. Price?

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      Tires for 4MOTION

      I'm buying an 05 Passat 4MOTION wagon with stock 17". I assume these are 225/45 17 tires.<p>What are my alternatives? I'd like to have "more meat" on these wheels as Michigan potholes are...
    20. FS: 96 Passat TDI, DIESEL, Michigan, $6100

      My Corporate Office moved 3 miles from my home...This car needs to go to someone who puts more than 6 miles a day! <p>This is a dark gray 4 door sedan, 5 sp manual, AC, PW, Power moonroof. 150K <p>It...
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