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    1. Re: Ben Bernanke nominated for Chairman of the Fed (fourthchirpin)

      Quote, originally posted by fourthchirpin »

      reminds me of the classical economist (pre-keynesians) vs. the keynesians.

      You hit it.
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      Re: Modified Endowment Contracts 101 (Eric in DC)

      Overpayment of premiums results in a MEC.
      Or, if the insurance carrier is forcing money out of the policy through force-outs and you are not accepting them.
      If a policy does become a MEC you lose...
    3. Re: Ben Bernanke nominated for Chairman of the Fed (Y2kSI)

      Nope nothing wrong at all with that.
      I don't presume you live on harbor island or davis island?
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      Re: I just made a HUGE mistake... (jedimindcontrol)

      was it through a savings and loan?
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      Modified Endowment Contracts 101

      Some of you may have life insurance policies or you have family member that have life insurance policies.
      Just a friendly reminder to all those out to check with your insurance agents to make sure...
    6. Re: Ben Bernanke nominated for Chairman of the Fed (Karma)

      Quote, originally posted by Karma »

      All I want to hear is that this guy is gonna hike rates to the point that housing prices tumble so then I can actually buy a house around here, write...
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      Re: What do you consider rich? (dunhamjr)

      I believe JP Morgan makes the distinction at $250M.
      Most people would argue that the definition of a qualified(accredited) investor satisfies the definition. $1,000,000 liquid net worth, annual...
    8. Re: I hope you own Google stock!! Stock up around $40 (JonBabyUK)

      Comparing Google to Berkshire Hathaways is ludicrous.
      Do i think google will split - why should they? What's the purpose of a split. The NYSE and NASDAQ aren't set up like the FTSE where stock...
    9. Re: Ben Bernanke nominated for Chairman of the Fed (fourthchirpin)

      grades don't mean crap. Look at me... Schools don't either, I know a lot of people from Wharton that are idiots, harvard too.
      Each and every single time we get into a debate and they lose, they...
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      Re: Selling a business, how to calculate price (Luchak)

      Future Cashflows...
      What good is using past EBITDA if you just signed on a new client, or if your main product is still in the growth phase of the product cycle.
    11. Thread: Penny Stocks

      by AxeAngel

      Re: Penny Stocks (beng)

      it's gambling if you buy at a whim.
      it isn't gambling if the company is going to be bought up by another company...
      or has a new innovation that will become mainstream.
    12. Thread: Refco Scandal

      by AxeAngel

      Re: Refco Scandal (GtiGuy1)

      refco the only other 5 letter word that scares the bejezuz out of anyone in the securities world.
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      Re: (beng)

      Quote, originally posted by beng »

      I highly doubt that. Assuming they plan on staying employed. He's pretty much viewed as a clown by the Street. ....and his record isnt great.

    14. Re: I've got some money in a 401k account, where do i go to... (Eric in DC)

      It gets tricky here.
      1. It benefits you to convert from traditional to Roth if you don't need to dip into the account to pay the taxes. IE, you pay the taxes out of pocket.
      2. As for what tax rate...
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      Re: (Maxt2)

      since it's play money and no-one will take my absurd stock picks and apply it to their own money.
      i invested in a small independent film company - up 25% in 3 days. Clue 1 : they are coming up with...
    16. Thread: Apple

      by AxeAngel

      Re: Apple (yeahdude)

      Who mAkes the Microprocessors for the new macs to be releaseD soon?
    17. Re: Whats your trigger for giving up on a stock ? (Merc-MarkO)

      3 questions.
      1. You can buy stock at 15% under market price and you are allowed to sell it immediately? Congratulations you have found an arbitrage opportunity. You have for all intent and purpose...
    18. Re: I've got some money in a 401k account, where do i go to... (paskal)

      rolling the money from a 401k to a an ira-rollover involves no tax burden.
      going from IRA to Roth IRA is where there is a tax burden.
    19. Thread: Harry S. Dent

      by AxeAngel

      Harry S. Dent

      Author of the Roaring 2000s.
      Advisor to Van Kampen funds, has his own fund. Father of demographic analysis, etc.
      Anyway I met him last night, interesting guy. Amazing public speaker. He's teamed up...
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      Re: Anyone watch Mad Money? (fourthchirpin)

      It's so over the top.
      i like the way that he used to be a finance guy, very analytical looking at future cash flows and projections, now he has taken a dramatic turn.
      some of the stocks that he...
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