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    1. will those fit the MK3 91 passat GL 16V housing?!

      will those fit the MK3 91 passat GL 16V housing?!
    2. Price

      $400-$500 sounds reasonable to me. Heck the Floor pan alone is $180 from KKloker
    3. Feeler: 87' Black Scirocco rolling chassis

      I have an 87' Black Scirocco rolling chassis. Open to offers and questions relating. Sunroof needs repair, but have an extra for the right price. Has 143k original miles on the car and engine which...
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      B3 Passat Fog Light wiring

      Hey guys/gals, I have a 91 Passat Wagon that did not come with fog lights. Now, the bumper on is equipped for an install and I have the fog light switch and defrost/light sw. harness. I also have fog...
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      Best Ive seen is 301.00 for a lightweight flywheel.
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      Second to first one getting driver door done

      I bought a second Scirocco, same year but its a 8V unlike my 16V. reason being is that my black one needs a driver floor put in. I have the full floor and having a friend over to asses the repair...
    7. FS: S2 engine harness, ECU, knock box and Ign. module/plate

      I these parts from my 87' 16v Rocco in good condition and all working. I have upgraded since. $115 shipped. If you need pics of the ECU,etc.. Just ask....
    8. FS: 87' Scirocco S2 rolling chassis

    9. FS: Scirocco S2 parts-Bumper complete/Manifold/ full floor pan (driver) lots of good stuff!

      I have some good parts for sale here that I painted in POR-15 rust eliminator and in good condition and or new. If it doesn't say sold it's still available.

      Here we go:

      Manifold 16v stock 1000...
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      Down pipe

      That is not a TT downpie. How do i know. I own two 87 Scirocco's and just sold a Down Pipe from Techtonics with the SS flex pipe.
    11. WTB: Caliper carriers Front 16V Scirocco

      If you only have one i'll take it. Either way I need them. Thanks Man!
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      He wants the rear hatch lock and mechanisim...

      He wants the rear hatch lock and mechanisim (whole assembly for locking rear hatch!
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      Caliper carriers (fronts)

      Looking to get these if you have them please to 44109 paypal addy if so please! TY!
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      Brake carrier brackets

      Do you have the caliper carrier bracket fronts?
    15. WTB: Rear B3 wagon VW emblem complete

      Looking for the rear center VW emblem that attaches to the deck lid on the 91 GL passat wagon.
    16. WTB; B-3 Fuel inlet/outlet banjo lines from pump and out of pump to accumulator

      Need inlet/outlet lines from pump to filter and out of filter to accumulator (banjo fittings)
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      2002.5 GTI 24v VR6 Part Out

      Do you have fog light backings and harness for both to switch and to fogs

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    18. Strippy

      Do you plan to get rid of Strippy whole, doors, hood, bumpers or? If you can't rid yourself of it and you plan on saws alling it up Id need a small section of right quarter panel If I may.
    19. The "How Did I Get Here?" Chick's Scirocco build thread

      I second the emotion that some must die so others may live! Nothing for free! Ever!

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      WTB: B3-B4 Fog lights/Harness

      Shoot some pics on over to

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