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    2. NO WAY ...thats the purpose of this

      NO WAY ...thats the purpose of this gonna use the monomotronic to run multi point injection
    3. its good to be back

      still on the project amidst mishaps & "life" so far
    4. another project ...

      my new...
    5. more on the build up
      this is a 2e head ...counter flow not ABA :cool:
    6. Converting a VW Mono Motronic ECU & wireloom (single point injection) to control A multipoint Injection system

      Hi there .... I am putting a 2E engine in a vw mk3 golf CL that came with a 1.8 mono motronic engine in it ..... but due to the almost non existence of surplus Digifant ECUs & wirelooms in Jamaica i...
    7. ! ! ! ! ! Happy New YEAR! ! ! ! !

      I'M BACK ... going to start a new project I'll put links here ..... in the process of getting another Megasquirt 2 ....but until the monies come in i'll be using a vw mono motronic to run an engine...
    8. in life storms must blow

      i'm sad to say the my wife has screwed me over & sold my mega squirt & muy coilovers ...she has literally scrapped my car ....but i'll start over again right here ..bear with me gonna be fun...
    9. arrival...
    10. bays
    11. where we are workshop ...
      work done in shop ...sandblasting...
    13. ! ! ! ! I'm back ! ! ! !

      i'm back & getting ready to resume my build much has happened in the time i have been away ...but its good to be back here are some stuff from ma garage
    14. until the monies come

      don't worry i have not left ...just been concentrating on the garage ....trying to make things work so i can take time out stressfree to work on my 1st love ...but there are days when business is...
    15. interested ....

      whats the price 4 all 3 shipped to 33178
    16. powdercoat on my mind

      this is what i made .....:beer:
    17. not gone ...not 4gotten

    19. i'm back !!!!!!!!

      getting over the frustration of wasting so much $$$$ on the wrong part .....& also concentrating on building the garage & doing the work to fund it the meantime my friend made something for...
    20. do they unerstand jamaican slang ???

      do they unerstand jamaican slang ???
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