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    1. FV-QR

      So is anyone going to the show this weekend?
      VW Spring Bash
    2. FV-QR

      Hey everyone, I'm looking for some help please. I was told this week that my job is being moved to Kennesaw in 2011. It'll be located near the Town Center Mall and Kennesaw State University. ...
    3. FV-QR

      I'm definitely going to WinterJam! Haven't decided if I'm going to camp or get a hotel this year. Last year I wound up in the same hotel as the guys with the Snowball Rally. It was fun, but that...
    4. Re: FV-QR (Kira)

      Quote, originally posted by Kira »

      hey on 12/2 there is a hockey game i want to goto, if i can get 9 other people to go my connection at the panthers will hook us up

      How much? Are...
    5. FV-QR

      I don't think I'll make it to the air show, but man I love helicopters! My favorite was a ride in a Hughes D500 when we were in Kauai several years ago. Lol, felt just like Magnum PI!
    6. FV-QR

      I've got a question for you audio geniuses. My radio has developed "alternator whine", is that a indicator of a bad ground? Its been fine since I put it in over a year and a half ago. The noise is...
    7. Re: (rubadub03)

      What time are you meeting at Home Despot? I still haven't decided on if I'm going. Weather looks crappy.
    8. Pets were not allowed, last I knew.

      Pets were not allowed, last I knew.
    9. Re: FV-QR (71sbeetle) They initially said they'd pay for return shipping but I never got a UPS return label and haven't been able to get a straight answer since then.
    10. FV-QR

      Anyone need a set of front rotors? I have a pair of 312mm Zimmerman rotors that were shipped to me instead of the smaller ones I actually needed. Now they want me to pay for return shipping even...
    11. FV-QR

      Stuart VW closing is bad, but its even worse for those who work there. They told the employees YESTERDAY that the last day of business would be Friday. My uncle has been there for almost 10 years...
    12. Anyone have a brake caliper compression tool they...

      Anyone have a brake caliper compression tool they wanna loan out? I'm doing the brakes on the wife's wagon and can't get the damn piston back in with the stupid little cube thing they had at...
    13. Re: (MyrtleBeachJettaBoy)

      Quote, originally posted by MyrtleBeachJettaBoy »

      Im thinking about showing up once every 2 weeks or so in SLW at chilli's 2-4-1 but not many of...
    14. FV-QR

      Not quite the "chest" freezer I'm looking for, Manny. No, this one is for storing and dispensing large amounts of fermented barley.
    15. FV-QR

      Anyone got a dirt cheap chest freezer for sale?
    16. Replies

      What's the life expectancy of your average 24v...

      What's the life expectancy of your average 24v coilpack? My Jetta just went over 66k and lost a coilpack yesterday. The dealer was going to charge me $180 to replace one (warranty covered it). ...
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      Quote, originally posted by jc_blkrabmkv »

      HAHAHAHA!! The good old Florida Donk! Man, it only gets worse the...
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      I hope everyone had a good trip home. The Sea...

      I hope everyone had a good trip home. The Sea Side Inn had a hell of a party Sat. night! I had fun yelling at y'all from the balcony. Make plans for next year, I hear it'll be even bigger.
    19. Re: (gxblade)

      Quote, originally posted by gxblade »

      Did you find out who won? I heard it was someone from PSL!

      Ha! Seriously? I have no idea who...
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      Re: WTB VR6 bellhousing (JUICE_B5)

      Anyone up for partnering up with me for the Navigational Rally at WinterJam? My wife bailed on the show, so I lost my built-in navigator. I've already pre registered and I don't want to miss out on...
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