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    1. Re: (transient_analysis)

      actually, i think it "might" be the thermo fan switch. after you mentioned it, i never see my fan go on and spin, unless i turn on a/c. so even if the fan would work when i have a/c on, it doesn't...
    2. what parts failure can lead to "auxiliary water pump" to run non-stop?

      1999 New Beetle 1.8 Turbo
      I know it shares the same motor as many other cars. So I'm sure all you guys also have the "auxiliary water pump" that is used to cool down the turbo after the car shuts...
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      ignition switch and/or wires issues!

      Hi guys, i know this has been discuss over several times because I already done my search (done search on and here on vortex, I hope someone is able to help me here)
      The same "famous"...
    4. will 2002 beetle signal/cruise arm-switch work on 1999 beetle?

      as topic stated
      will 2002 beetle signal/cruise arm-switch work on 1999 beetle?
      i have a 1999 new beetle. the signal switch (or arm) is broken (like loose). so i found a 2002 one on ebay. they both...
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      willing to trade for an "AUTOMATIC" car of...

      willing to trade for an "AUTOMATIC" car of similar value, or you can add cash on top of your vehicle if its less value. I am not looking to add cash.
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      FS: 1999 New Beetle GLX (1.8T)

      1999 VW New Beetle GLX (1.8T)
      Blue ext, black leather int.
      5 spd (YES MANUAL)
      1.8 Turbo
      100,000 km on odom
      fully loaded (everything works flawlessly)
      power windows (both pass/driver side window...
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      Sticky: Re: synthetic oil change @ Precision Tuning Motorsports (dneknw)

      how much for a full 1.8T new beetle (1999) timing belt job?
      T/Belt, Roller, Tenshioner
      Hydraulic tensioner
      Water Pump with Metal Impeller
      Serpenter Belt, and Serp Belt Tensioner
      Also, how much...
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      Re: AEM cold air intake (

      how much for k&n drop-in filter for a 99 1.8T new beetle?
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