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    1. Re: Dealer has ordered replacements for both (liquid stereo)

      Same here in canada....Got it change last month.....
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      Re: JETTA TDI 2009 (unixgolf)

      I cannot cfm any option since the car is not sold in Canada yet. I just gave a deposit to make sure I have one.
      I will keep U post.
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      JETTA TDI 2009

      Is there a forum for the new Jetta TDI that will most likely be a 2009 model. Thanks..

      I just bought one and hopefully get it 1st of july...
    4. Re: My top would not fully open today. anyone else having this issue? (Russk)

      Had same prob last weekend. Tried 4 times. Went to dealer today. Worked fine. I will post back with the sitrep from dealer
    5. Thread: EOS Leasing

      by Hotmoose

      Re: EOS Leasing (okwei)

      Mine in Canada is 50% residual value for 48 month and 80 000 Km which is in the US : 49 700 miles.

      Was purchase march 24th 06 and delivered sept 15th ...
    6. Re: (ccl)

      That little noise come from the roof pannel that you can move with the handle to protect you from the sun when the top is up. I had this problem when I close it. Took me a while to find it out....
    7. Re: Euro Mats (just4fun)
      Go to this web site. I've just receive my monster mat. Set of 4. Labelled EOS with the proper hole to ancker them..sorry for my bad english. Those are the one that you need for...
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      Re: Sunroof seal needs replaced again.... (just4fun)

      You are right. I live in quebec city, and from my experience, the dealer bring you back home and come pick you up when repair are done. Once repair took a week and I was able to loan a car at the...
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      Re: (Speedster356)

      I bought door sill from my dealer. I got it install. Look great
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      Re: (neweosowner)

      Mise is 7744. Order on march 29 2006 and deliver on sept 15th 2006.

      Quebec, Canada
      Silver essence, DSG, Luxury
    11. Re: Windshield Wipers seem eratic (atlantanorth)

      From my understanding of the owner manual, it will wipe faster with the speed your going. Mine wipe once in a while, when on a red light but wipe often when i'm on the highway. Hope this help....
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      Re: (ashbinder)

      For my part, my dealer is excellent and the service excellent as well. Also, the service representative is a nice, beautiful, joyfull girl and I just like her......I feel that reliability is a wide...
    13. Re: (Grinder)

      I use on all my seal of my EOS. The reason is simple. I paid 50K (CAD) sor the car. I dont want to use cheap silicone base for my door seals. I use krytox all over the place. Cost of krytox is...
    14. Re: Krytox Comparisons (swordfish1)

      1 Prefer Dupon GPL 205 Krytox grease. It dont leak all over. In Canada an 8 ounce tubes cost 115$ whic come to 100$ USD. There is a thread that you can look at...
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      Re: (jaybhai)

      I'm 6'3'' feel comfortable.....Wife is 5'2'' she's very very comfortable. So are my 2 dogs......
    16. Re: Seat belts (voiture)

      I got this problem to. Me and the dealership, unrolled approx 50 time the seat belt, but remain twisted. They order a new seat belt. The funny thing is that the seat belt came back allright at...
    17. Re: Tire pressure question for someone with 16" wheels (Grinder)

      My mistake. 215/55/16. Directly from the dealer as per their spec. I tyhink those are Passat size..
    18. Re: Tire pressure question for someone with 16" wheels (Grinder)

      Just go to your dealership. Thats what i did. I put 205/55/l6 pirelli winter carving. TMPS dont come with it unless you get TPMS installed..
    19. Re: Winter driving (Shaka)

      I bought Pirelli winter carving 16 inches. They are great so far. IMO, 4 seasons tire should not exist....well maybe in places where there are not lots of snow.........
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      Re: USA & Canada Differences (Canadian Lurker)

      I got an EOS and it got TPMS.....The mechanic at the dealership had to disable it because I put winter tire and rims on the car...
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