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    2. 58088 miles.

      Had to add a qt of oil on the drive home at 58088 miles. Service interval still had 5300 miles till my next oil change. I must be getting on it a bit more than normal as I usually don't add a quart...
    3. Nice!

      I can't wait, I am sure it does! I am hoping for 11's as I am at 12.4 right now with a crappy 60 foot time. New tires and a DSG re-learn should help too.
    4. 57k miles

      57k miles, June 2014.
    5. Road forced my tires.

      Since putting on my aftermarket rims I have had a vibration in the wheels. Tried rebalancing, moving them, nothing helped. Did a road force at Braman Audi yesterday and it helped, but still there....
    6. 55,555 miles.

      <a href="" title="image by joe pilot, on Flickr"><img src="" width="500"...
    7. 1st Oil Change.

      Well, I just did my 1st oil change at Braman Audi in WPB. Got a Dodge Avenger and all I can say is wow! Made me appreciate my S4 so much more, that car was terrible in comparison. It had no power,...
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      Yes, closed course, pro driver. Lol. :)

      Yes, closed course, pro driver. Lol. :)
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      No one?

      Guess I am the king!
    10. Bieber

      Rolled up on this fool at the PGA golf club. Nice car though. Had a Gallardo he was following break down in front of him. It would not...
    11. Get the Stasis tune.

      I would recommend the Stasis tune for sure. I really love it, my dealership is great, and no worries with my warranty. Good luck and keep me posted! Rick
    12. Had fun with a G35....

      Coming home from work on Friday, pulled up to a light with a G35 next to me. Looked worked on, it was Friday, so I got on it a bit. He got on it to, but the S4 walked him easily. We messed around a...
    13. :)

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      What's in your Garmin Nuvi?

      My top speed so far, not too shabby as I let off due to closing in on some cars.

      <a href="" title="Garmin top speed by joe pilot, on...
    15. In my Nuvi......

      Top Speed so far.

      <a href="" title="Garmin top speed by joe pilot, on Flickr"><img...
    16. Ordered some LED's

      Got some LED's for the interior in the mail today from USP here in Flo rida. For now I am doing the puddle lights, foot wells, trunk and glove box. Did the trunk and GB as they were on sale. I was...
    17. Great car with a nice amount of upgrade possibilities.

      Def do your research ahead of time as you are doing. The car is great and I love walking out to it every time. I love the looks, the B&O stereo is awesome, and it pulls hard on the boost. APR has...
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      USP made a difference.....

      I got the USP intake and am happy with it. The kit is nice, could have used an extension for a hose off the intake as the price is almost $500.00 after it is said and done. I dropped a confirmed .1...
    19. Found a day 1 picture.

      Rolled into Florida in my R32 on a donut (winter tires let go) and bought my S4! Looks so different now, thankfully!
    20. Thanks.

      Thank You.
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