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    1. Barcelona Audi RS4 Driving Experience

      My inner child has always wondered what life would be like if I were a Deutschen Tourenwagen Masters (DTM) Audi RS4 driver,...
    2. Audi TDI Efficiency Drive Challenge
      Last Summer, 80 drivers got together at Mandarin Hotel Washington DC to take part in Audi TDI Efficiency Drive Challenge....
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      Reaching the Sky!

      To satiate such longing, my girlfriend and I decided to head for The Rockies for my long weekend getaway. I didn't want to...
    4. Default Ingolstadt: The Home of Audi

      To many of us, visiting Ingolstadt is like going to Mecca. Some of us have made multiple pilgrimages. Each time, we find some new things that awe us. If you are planning to visit Ingolstadt, here are...
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      Hawaii Q-Five

      Many people romanticize a vacation destination after seeing Rick Steves' Europe on PBS. I, on the...
    6. Audi R8 Driving Experience at Infineon Raceway

      A few years ago I remembered when I saw Stephen Verdier's R8 in front of me braking hard as he enters the braking zone...
    7. Winter Driving Vacation with the Audi RS4 at Switzerland

      Here we are in February and the snow is coming down. A few years ago, I tested myself to test drive Audi...
    8. Winter Driving Vacation with the Audi RS4 at Switzerland

      Here we are in February and the snow is coming down. A few years ago, I tested...
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      Q5 Under The Tuscan Sun

      I know today a little bit cold and chilly for those reason I want to share a little warm article when I was in Tuscan with AUDI Q5 in 2009. Many people visit this Northern Italy region named...
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      Driving Audi A1 in Paris

      About 28 million people visit Paris every year, probably another 28 million people are dreaming of going to Paris. Most people think of romance when they hear or read about Paris. No one thinks of...
    11. Driving in Spain to Portugal part II

      Is it the culture? The history? The architecture? The weather? Our favorite vacation destinations always have cobblestone streets lined by centuries-old buildings with intricate carvings, flowered...
    12. Spain to Portugal in Audi TT Part 1

      One of the greatest traits of Audi Sports cars is the fact that Audi Sports car is also a perfect daily driver. This TT Coupe lives up to that expectation. Despite its sporty stance and dynamic...
    13. Driving in Luxembourg, A4 Avant TDI

      Luxembourg is smaller than the State of Rhode Island, yet it has three official languages: French, German, and Luxembourgish. It also has the highest density of global financial institutions and...
    14. Driving Audi A5 Cabrio with a Car Designer in Beverly Hills

      Beverly Hills Cop and 90210 brought dramas to this seemingly orderly, quiet, and opulent small town. In this 70 degree Southern California weather, Abeng Halim, a senior car designer at VW/Audi...
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    16. Weekend Drive: Audi V10 S6 and Supercharged V6 A6

      To car enthusiasts, Monterey Bay is one of the special places in Northern California. In addition to mesmerizing coast line roads, blue ocean, temperate climate, and mouth watering seafood, this...
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      Exploring Beijing by Audi A4L

      A quick glance will not note anything special about this white 2010 A4L. The extra 2.36 inches leg room for the back passengers doesn’t impact the dynamic roof line and the original well proportioned...
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      Driving in Singapore

      Demsey Hill was once an army base. Now, many one-story white wooden buildings with red wavy clay roof tiles are housing chic and trendy restaurants, coffee shops, galleries, and boutiques. This is...
    19. Hello there: Thank you for the emails. The kits...

      Hello there:
      Thank you for the emails. The kits were spoken for.
    20. Hello fellow enthusiasts: Thank you for the...

      Hello fellow enthusiasts:
      Thank you for the emails. The kits were spoken for.
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