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      60 picked up for both

      60 picked up for both
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      60 shipped

      60 shipped
    3. Have someone cover the exhaust pipe with rags,...

      Have someone cover the exhaust pipe with rags, this is a trick that makes exhaust leaks louder. Feel around exhaust for any air seeping. Or on a cold startup, spray said culprit leaking component...
    4. Franken cabrio build... Passing PA inspection?

      Hey guys

      I just moved to lehigh county in pa and i didnt even think twice about this. I have an 89 cabrio that has a 1.6td swap in the works and the plan is to have it a daily in spring (not far...
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      B5 later style 1.8t maf sensor 0280218063


      I baught yhe wrong maf for my car so this is for sale. It comes with the pigtail aswell. This was pulled off of an 01 a4 (unfortunately i do not remember the engine code).

      Bosch no:0 280...
    6. I remember this car. You baught it in nj from a...

      I remember this car. You baught it in nj from a buddy of mine, adam. I almost baught it aswell.

      Im glad to see this car is getting a transformation. I loved it on the rbs. Now i just need to tend...
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      Sepa vw crowd (lehigh valley)

      Just moved to the allentown area. My mk1 is under comission but would be great to meet the crowd and get some inspiration. On moving day i passed a beautiful mk2 rocco gold, slammed right on main st...
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      Mk3 cabrio seats in mk1 cabriolet

      Hey there,
      I am looking to source my seats for my mk1 cabrio since the fronts arent that great and p/o spray painted the rears.

      I was wondering if mk3 cabrio seats bolt into a mk1 cabrio (more...
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    16. Wow thanks for the compelling input. I say...

      Wow thanks for the compelling input.

      I say there is a vw crowd to justify why i am posting a ct thread on vwvortex. I wouldnt post a thread concerning tuning a b18 na on stanceworks thread would...
    17. I dont really have a burning want to go but i am...

      I dont really have a burning want to go but i am just looking to change things up short term. I hate auto mechanic work, but essentially am going to fall back to it just to cover my overhead and save...
    18. Considering the move to Connecticut. How do you like it?

      I am considering moving to CT as an option for this fall. I have never been but my sister goes to school in Hamden and likes it.

      I know there is a decent crowd of vw guys from CT. I was wondering...
    19. 100% complete 1.6td diesel swap for a mk1 in nj

      I have a 1.6na that has a k14 bolted to. It boosted to 18 psi and was in my old driver.

      I have all the mounts to bolt the engine into any mk1. The trans is a diesel coded trans with the steep 5th...
    20. Wtt: my mk1 1.6td swap cabrio for your mk3 driver


      This is going to be a very indepth ad because i want to put as much info out there so any interested candidates can know exactly what i am selling and why. I am moving within the month...
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