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    1. Reset?

      Have your tried resetting the adaptive programming on the transmission? I don't recall the procedure but it should be easy to find on the web. Something like turn the ignition to "on", hold down the...
    2. Quirky Scanguage

      I mounted a Scanguage in my EVC five years ago when I bought it, mostly to keep an eye on the tranny temp. There is a quirk in the standard settings that causes it to display and incorrect...
    3. tranny slipping

      Thank goodness for this forum. I have to confess that most of the content here goes way over my head, as I haven't worked on a car in 20 years, and even then I just did minor stuff. More's the pity,...
    4. Replies

      Sticky: Thanks to John for helping us all sort out our...

      Thanks to John for helping us all sort out our iPod puzzles. Mine is a 2004 New Beetle convertible. It has the OEM Monsoon, am/fm and cassette in the dash, and a cd changer in the armrest. I would...
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