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    1. 2014 Volkswagen Golf 7 R arrives in China

      "Where'd you hear that?"
      "[together] the Internet"

      Was this not brought up in another thread somewhere? Lol
    2. Should be trying out the new GTI Monday...

      Uhhh...YEAH! :D
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      Golf VII TDI specs?

      Well at least that would be a start to get the gtd here. Kind of like a market 'test' so to speak to see if it'll actually be worth bringing here on the next generation.
      If at this point though we...
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      GTI Series production underway...

      I'll be looking forward to hearing that impression. As when the mk7 comes to us shores ill be basing those comparisons on my decision to either buy a cheaper mk6 or get a more expensive but better...
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      Getting out of automotive an into IT

      I've looked into it myself.
      It appears you can get a certification for less than a couple hundred if you can essentially teach yourself.
      Buy the course study materials, study, take a pre test if...
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      VW's 2013 NY Auto Show press release

      Actually the article does state that the European track pack option will likely be available throughout its life cycle and well be getting those smoked led taillights as its stating.
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      My own renderings of the new MK7 GTI

      This :thumbup:
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      ***NLS SAI delete plates***

      I live literally 15 minutes away from you guys. Would I be able to just swing by and pick one up?
    9. What is the most powerful chip you can buy for a 1.8t?

    10. so i called a local shop about water meth kits for my car..

      Uhhh yea definitely a bunch of bs right there.
      The 1.8t is impressive (owning one myself) but there's no way you can pull 1500whp out of it.
      The best of the best struggle to make 800-1000 mark. ...
    11. Cracked Hose leading into brake booster

      That sounds terrible!
      I've actually re plumbed the whole brake booster system. I ran a piece of silicon hose from the side port on the IM to the check valve towards the firewall that was...
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      AWP Valve Cover Leak

      This :thumbup:
      You should be perfectly fine till the new one comes in.
    13. Need help! Have leaks after breather hose kit install

      What about the block breather attachment on the oil cooler. Is that on there securely? If it isn't it would definitely spray some oil around the dipstick tube and also cause a vacuum leak since the...
    14. Need help! Have leaks after breather hose kit install

      It is a bit tricky. I used a rubber mallet and gave it a light tapping. I knew I got it on right by trying to pull on it. If it comes off easy its not on all the way. If you gotta give it a little...
    15. Broke plastic clip while unplugging coil...(problem??)

      I actually have two of them broken. Did it by accident using too much force with a flat head.
      I've been driving around for a while with both broken for a while. I just slid them back in place....
    16. The Official 034Motorsport 1.8T Silicone Breather Hose Kit Thread!

      Just ordered and installed a kit for my 02 mk4 jetta.
      The kit was perfect and fit In very easy. Hardest part was getting the old block breather off.
      The new revision for the new billet check...
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      Need help with a coolant leak!

      I actually just replaced the coolant flange a bit ago because of a leak. As it turns out I ended up replacing it and had a larger leak than before. The cause was because the bottom bolt on the flange...
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      Stock dp with catback exhaust?

      Actual numbers? It all depends on a lot of things.
      But you'll have a slightly quicker spool up and you'll have a noticeably more spunk.

      As far as catless goes... Depends on what kind emissions...
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      Question About a jetta with 1.8T

      Those little pieces of plastic are certainly not critical parts. I live in east pa snow and ice and salt here this time of the year and I haven't been using the bottom plastic guard for some time...
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      ^^ this Do a bit more research. Dynamat is good...

      ^^ this
      Do a bit more research. Dynamat is good and you won't be disappointed. But you can get other brands that'll do the same for less.
      Check out RamMat, second skil, damplifier, sound deadner...
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