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    1. Ballpark price

      I would like $600 but can probably settle for $550 if you handle shipping
    2. Clutchnet stage 2 clutch kit w/ steel billet single mass flywheel

      Part #29081R18.43507G. Clutch upgrade for mk4 R32 for sale. Slightly used with no issues. Purchased in July for $915 and still have the invoice to prove it. Please make me a reasonable offer!
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      VW R32 Springs

      I have a set of stuck springs I can sell you if you're still interested
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      Reflex Silver Hood

      I have a hood from my MK4 R32 in reflex silver
    5. Reflex Silver Hood

      I have a hood from my mk4 R32 in reflex silver
    6. Reflex silver hood and grill

      I have both but the problem is I'm in California! Let me know if you're able to find a shipping method and if you're still interested
    7. I have a Reflex Silver hood from my MK4 R32

      I'm from California though so let me know if you're still interested
    8. I have a reflex silver hood in great shape

      Where are you located?
    9. I have a reflex silver hood for a MK4 golf

      What car is this for?
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      I have one that's reflex silver off of my 04 r32

      How much were you looking to spend with shipping?
    11. MK4 OEM Stock Hood (Reflex Silver) & Monsoon Stereo Head Unit for sale

      I have a stock MK4 hood, reflex silver in color, and a Monsoon Head Unit for sale that came out of my 2004 VW R32. There are no dents or cracks in the hood. A few minor scratches from everyday use...
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      Camber Kit

      Do you still have the camber kit for sale?
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      Is this still for sale?

      Very interested
    14. Is the part still available?

      Just curious! Your first post says sold but the posts after that seems like you're stating that it was still available.
    15. WTB Replacement Fuel Pump for MK4 r32 cheap

      Fuel Pump died yesterday and got me stranded a few times. Needing a replacement pump asap to avoid missing work. Please let me know if you have one available! Any suggestions or referrals to local...
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      Would this fit a 04 vw r32?
    17. Thanks for your help everyone!!!

      I would have never thought that it would have been upside down!!! I did seem to be place unusually to me when I saw it especially finding out that stock wheels were 15's. I didn't see how that...
    18. Removing the sway bar

      So what was the outcome from removing it elijah? What difference were you able to see?
    19. wed3k

      I haven't had my corrado very long! How would removing the sway bar affect it's performance?
    20. Wheel Offset

      Thanks for the feedback! I'm completely aware of the necessary offset. I believe with the corrado it has to be at least 35 and up but being that these wheels are free I'm trying to find out if...
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