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    1. boost tap and a big thank you

      Thanks guys for the kind words and for answering some of the questions in this thread. We actually have a boost tap solution that will be on our site later this month. We currently recommend APR...
    2. Message me if these are available

      614 940 3644
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      please ship these

      If you will ship these I am super interested.
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      do you still have these?

      Do you still have these? if so , are there any cracks, bends ,excessive rash? Thanks ! text 614 940 3644
    5. are these still up for grabs ?

      I am interested. Thanks !!
    6. Poll: Cannot wait

      The second weekend works better but will try to make either happen. :)
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      are these sold? need some

      are these sold? need some
    8. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    9. calibrate

      with the car off it should read 0.0 if your analog sensor is calibrated properly. enter config cal.b / car off / hold button calibration is done / exit config . This detail is on the P3Cars install...
    10. just to clarify

      You would need our software update. bst.F is the correct setting for proper boost reading on tuned cars. My personal car has 1 + 3.31 With analog sensor or from the port I am seeing 25.1 depending...
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      CTS Turbo intake

      Thought I would add my two cents. I have been running the CTS turbo intake for about 2k miles. No fuel trim issues, great sound and excellent fit and finish. I have the APR 3.31 stage 1 tune and...
    12. Apr 3.31

      As many of you know APR released 3.31 for Golf R and now reads correctly. As of 20 September P3Cars has developed a new firmware for all Golf R customers. As many of your know APR issued a tune...
    13. just a quick update.

      As of 20 September P3Cars has developed a new firmware for all Golf R customers. As many of your know APR issued a tune for the Golf R that showed a low boost reading when using our gauge's "from...
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      I have a 2.0t A5 . I love the car. The weight distribution is SO much better than the S5 I replaced with it. My car is APR stage 1 and lowered on H&R coil overs... man... it just does everything...
    15. k04

      P3Cars have a software update that will sort out your low boost reading. Some tunes skew the way data is relayed. With turbo upgrades typically an analog sensor is recommended but the new software...
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      we posted some pics from H2Oi

      here they are :
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      Still have these?

      I see it has been a while but where can I find these ? Assuming you don't still have them.
    18. R gauge

      Tim from P3Cars here. i don't normally deal with forum speak but as i was on the vortex this evening i wanted to throw up a quick casual note. I just wanted to let everyone know we have been...
    19. Sold again

      Sorry to pollute this old thread but could I pm you about this car in the future? I bought it from j&j and we will see how it is when it arrives. Interested to know if you have the buyer window...
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      Sticker etc.

      Do you still have the window sticker and records or did they go with the car. Would you mind if I pm you in a week or so when the car arrives with maint questions etc? If not no worries. Thanks!!
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