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      Good luck with sale dude :thumbup:

      Good luck with sale dude :thumbup:
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      Lifter noise won't go away, help please

      Hi everyone. So as of last saturday, I ended up putting my head back in after breaking one valve spring with all new parts consisting of supertech oversized valves, supertech valve stem seals,...
    6. CIS Pressure testing, would this method work?

      I'm not sure if this video was shown on here or not, but my main question is would this work on our cars as well when testing system pressure and control pressure hot & cold? I plan to do an...
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    16. WTB: Mk2 golf 2 door rear quarter chrome window trim

      As topics says. I'm looking for the chrome trim that goes around the rear quarter windows for both sides. PM me if you have a good set for both sides. Also send me a few pics of it as well so I...
    17. Any chance you'll be getting anymore "Mk1 made in...

      Any chance you'll be getting anymore "Mk1 made in PA" shirts and "Mk1 made in PA" sticker in blue?
    18. FS: 1996 Honda Civic LX, JDM H22 plus more, NW Suburbs Chicago area

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      I've got one. This happened about the time my...

      I've got one. This happened about the time my father passed away.

      I knew with the money he left behind for me, I was going to buy a car. So I looked and looked at countless cars thinking I want...
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      One of the nicest things I've heard of anyone doing. I wish you the very best of luck in finding it :thumbup:
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